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Windows 10 Search Bar Went Black | Windows 10 Users Encountering Problems

The Windows 10 search is not working. The search menu of Windows 10 is behaving oddly and is not responding to the inputs. The search box lets you find all your files, emails and some other contents on your PC. And that search box returning as a blank screen is indeed a big issue. Many people reported this morning that they are dealing with this sudden trouble and can not recognize the reasons behind it. 

Users found this issue while searching for something on their devices and noticed that the search is not working and the screen is getting black. Later on, they reported to the authority. The sources have to say that there are so many people facing this issue and are getting very irritated with time. They are just shocked that how a key working piece of Windows 10 just fades away so easily. 

Experts are stating that the causes behind it are various. Though the exact reasons have not been revealed it seems that the problem relates to Microsoft moving search from old fashioned Win32 code to a completely new fangled WinRT/UWP/JavaScript mess.

This problem popped out all of a sudden and shook the users with shock. The exact reasons and the fixes for it hasn’t been published yet as it is a very recent issue. But the users are like this problem needs to be solved immediately as it is impossible to operate your device without searching for anything. You can try fixing this trouble by rebooting your Windows 10 computer and click inside the search box at the lower-left corner. Type something and see if the search works now. 

Some of the users are even wondering if they have done something wrong or not. But it is not a mistake made by you. It’s the Microsoft authority that has reached your Windows 10 computer somehow and destroyed its search function. How is this even possible? Well, this is what just happened to you and the rest of the Windows 10 users. 

Another reason for this sudden error can be that the newer search versions use a ton of memory. Even clicking on the search box consumes 120+ MB immediately. If you do some research, you will understand why the entire search box has become a web application now. These web applications are built with Javascript and Reacts. This indicates another thing that there is some web rendering engine needed.

Actually the search box and the taskbar in the Windows explorer load “ C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.WindowsSearch_(version)SearchApp.exe”. When you click on it, you will notice that only the UI is different there. 

Just like this, you can get a lot of evidence in the JavaScript source that proves that it was built by the Bing Team. Probably the desktop search experience was moved from the Windows team and maybe they don’t have the required skills for building the desktop program with efficient C++. There is a mechanism for updating the JavaScript code with the help of a remote server and not updating the search application itself. 

Coming back to the actual problem that is recently encountered by you all is still not resolved. Though the fixes that are stated here are experimental, you can try disabling Bing in your Windows 10 start menu.  Around 800 million use Windows 10 in the whole world and if you are one of the users who are facing this issue, you should definitely give it a try. 

As observed until now, the issue has spread widely and the moderators on the Windows 10 Reddit forum have blocked the users who are reporting about this issue. So that they can post anything more. Whatever happened is definitely not good and the authority is being questioned repeatedly to solve this issue as soon as possible.