How To Pair Apple Watch To iPhone & Macbook
How To Pair Apple Watch To iPhone & Macbook

How To Pair Apple Watch To iPhone & Macbook

Apple Watch is undoubtedly the most exciting and valuable wearable device you can compare with other devices. No other smartwatch would outdo what an Apple watch can do and perform. 

One can unlock more of the Apple Watch’s extensive features when in sync with other iOS devices like iPhone and MacBook. But it’s not like you cannot connect or pair your Apple Watch with other Android smartphones. The disadvantage is you will enjoy limited features only. 

Among all of Apple’s products, its Apple Watch is one of the most portable. The latest versions of it now come with higher and upgraded versions of features and added premium functionalities. This wearable device by Apple is highly functional and chic and gives the wearer an elegant vibe. 

Almost every individual interested in tech products wishes to own an Apple Watch. The only problem or not (it depends on the user) is that the Watch is specifically designed in a way to get completely in sync with other Apple products, mainly iPhones. The iPhone model should also be compatible with the iOS version based on the Watch model. 

You can unlock most features and enjoy the various functions when the device syncs with your iPhone or MacBook. You can read and even reply to texts and calls with an Apple Watch. Besides that, you can also track many useful apps like the health tracking app, music, taking snaps, etc. You can enjoy about 50% of the general iPhone functions on the Apple Watch alone. 

Suppose you have important work emails or texts on which you wish to get urgent reminders and notifications. In that case, you can also pair your Apple Watch with your MacBook. It is easy to connect a Mac with Apple Watch, like pairing up with a compatible iPhone. You can still use some valuable functions of Mac on the Apple Watch that will enable it as a remote controller for Mac. 

So, assuming that you have a new Apple Watch, follow this guide to learn how you can pair the device with an iPhone and MacBook.

Pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone (automatic process)

Syncing your Apple Watch to your iPhone is essential and helpful if you want to utilize the most out of your iWatch. So, here’s how you connect an Apple Watch to an iPhone. 

  • You will find a button on your Apple Watch right below the digital crown. Press it down until the Apple Logo appears on the Watch’s screen. 
  • As your Apple Watch activates, bring your iPhone close to it. 
  • You may now see a pop-up menu on the iPhone’s screen. Click on the menu and select the “Set Up For Myself” option. 
  • You may choose that option for the personal use of the Apple Watch. Or, you may go with the “Set Up For A Family Member” option if pairing the Watch with a shared Apple user of the family. 

No matter what option you choose, you will see a pairing confirmation. Once that is done, you may find additional setup options on your iPhone screen for which you need to give permission. 

If you use Apple Pay on your iPhone, you can sync that application with your Apple Watch. When you are done pairing both devices, you will automatically get a notification to activate Apple Pay with the iWatch. You may follow the instructions given on the screen to improve further the features configuration like activity notifications, SOS, automatic WatchOS updates, etc. 

You can activate cellular service on a few Apple Watch variants if applicable. 

After configuring the essential features of the Watch with your iPhone, you can now install some Apple Watch-compatible applications to use the Watch’s hidden functionalities extensively. When you are done connecting the Watch with the iPhone, you may hear the sound of a successful pairing. 

Pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone (a manual process)

If you find the automatic pair up of Apple Watch to iPhone complex, follow the manual process. 

  • Press the button on the side of the Watch until the Apple Logo lights up. 
  • Now take your iPhone and launch the Apple Watch app. 
  • Tap on the “Start Pairing” option followed by manual pair. 
  • On your Apple Watch, there is an “i” icon button. Tap on it to see the available names of devices. 
  • As you select your iPhone name, you will receive a six-digit code on the Watch. 
  • Enter the code on your iPhone to confirm the pairing. 

Now that the pairing is complete follow the on-screen instructions to finish the further setup and enable the necessary permissions. 

Pair your Apple Watch to a new iPhone

If you own an iPhone but are upgrading to a new one, you must first unpair the Apple Watch from the previous iPhone. 

Before we start the process here, there are a few things that you will need to begin the pairing. 

  • Connect both the previous and new iPhones to the same WiFi network. 
  • Ready your Apple ID and password. You will indeed have to disable the Activation Lock. 
  • Ensure the iPhone and Apple Watch have a sufficient charge (at least 50%). 
  • Get the correct passcode of the Apple Watch ready, in case you forget it. 

Pairing your present Apple Watch with a new iPhone may follow two different scenarios:

  • One, when you have your previous iPhone along with you. 
  • Two, when you lost or do not currently have your old iPhone with you. 

We will look into the pair-up processes of both scenarios. 

Steps to pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone when the old iPhone is with you. 

  • You must update your old iPhone to the latest iOS version before switching and pairing the Apple Watch with your new iPhone. While you are at that, upgrade the iWatch to the latest version available. 
  • Make sure to check other Activity settings now. 
  • If you have an iCloud backup, go to the iCloud settings and check if the Health app is enabled. If you backup using your Mac or another computer, save the Activity and Health content by creating backup encryption. 
  • While you are at that, back up the previous iPhone via iCloud or computer. Back up the Apple Watch as well.
  • You can now proceed to set up your new iPhone. Restore all the essentials from the backup of the older iPhone. As you set up the iPhone, you will get a notification to connect Apple Watch. Hit the “Continue” button here. 
  • Follow the process (automatic or manual) to pair the Apple Watch with an iPhone. You can start functioning your Apple Watch with your latest iPhone when you are done. 

Steps to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone when old iPhone is lost or erased. 

If you lost your old iPhone or do not have it with you at the moment, here’s how you can proceed to pair up your Apple Watch with your new iPhone. 

  • Your old iPhone may still be in sync with the Apple Watch. Since you cannot do anything on the iPhone, you will have to erase all the data on your Apple Watch. 
  • Proceed to set up the new iPhone and log in to your iCloud account. 
  • Launch the Apple Watch app on the new iPhone and follow the usual pairing process accordingly. Restore all the data from the backup, if available. 
  • When all the setup and configurations are complete, you can use your Apple Watch. 

Pair more than one Apple Watch with an iPhone

If you aren’t surprised by the fascinating functionalities of a synced Apple Watch to an iPhone, here is one more fantastic thing. You can sync your iPhone with more than one Apple Watch. But not the other way. One Apple watch can be paired up with only one iPhone. 

Once both devices are entirely in sync, the functions of an Apple Watch will activate when you wear it. Since you can wear only one Apple Watch at a time, it is limited to only one iPhone pairing at a time. Apple Watch cannot be shared, but an iPhone can be. 

So, here’s how to pair multiple Apple watches to an iPhone:

  • Launch the WatchOS app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the “My Watch” section and select the “All Watches” option. 
  • Then, click on “Add Watch.” 
  • As per your syncing needs, you can choose either the “ Set Up For a Family Member” or “Set Up For Me” option. 

After going through the pairing process, follow the instructions to finish the further setup and permissions. 

Pair Apple Watch to Mac

Sadly, no matter how flexible iOS devices are, you cannot entirely pair your Apple Watch to any MacBook or Mac device. Apple Watches are designed to pair up with only compatible iPhones. But, there are still a few limited functions that you can do by connecting Apple Watch to a Mac. 

Certain functions that you can perform by connecting the Apple Watch to a Mac are:

  • Use Apple Watch to auto-unlock the Mac device
  • Control Apple Keynote
  • Control Mac Music (iTunes)

To be able to perform these limited functions, you have to follow some initial setup. For instance, verify the requirements of the Apple Watch and the Mac system. 

Use Apple Watch to auto-unlock Mac.

The auto-unlock feature here supports only limited variants of the devices. 

  • Apple Watch – WatchOS 3 and later variants
  • Mac – MacBook (2015 and later models), Mac Mini (2014 and later models), all iMac Pro

Mac devices or MacBooks generally can be accessed only with a username and password. It is the safety and security feature that every Mac device is equipped with. But if you frequently use your Mac and find it a hassle to enter a password every time, use your Apple Watch to auto-unlock it. 

With only a press of a button, your Mac with unlock automatically. But the Watch should be near the Mac device. 

Steps to auto-unlock Mac by using your Apple Watch:

  • Few Mac devices support the auto-unlock feature. Verify this function by going to the “Apple icon” > “System Requirements.”
  • Pick the “WiFi” option from the menu, and find the “Auto Unlock” to verify the Mac device’s support status. If it supports, proceed with the next step.
  • Now, ensure that both devices are Bluetooth enabled. If not, I will allow it from the “Control Center.”
  • Make sure both devices are signed in to the same iCloud account or Apple ID. 
  • On your Mac, go to the “Apple icon” and tap on it. 
  • From the drop-down menu, select “System Preferences” > then “Security & Privacy.”
  • Under the “General” section, Tick the box that says, “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac.” That will turn on the auto-unlock feature. 
  • If a password prompt appears for confirmation, enter the correct password. 

Once this configuration is complete, you can unlock your Mac device from the Watch’s home screen. 

Use Apple Watch to control Keynote Presentations/Sliders.

When you connect the Apple Watch to your Mac device, you can control the Keynote Slider on the big screen as a clicker. That presents a fluid and easy process. 

  • Open the “Keynote” app on your Mac.
  • Go to “Preferences” and turn on the “Remotes” feature. 
  • Now take your iPhone and add the Keynote app to your Apple Watch from the Apple Watch app. 
  • Open the Apple Watch app, navigate to the “My Watch” tab >, and choose the “Keynote app.”
  • Toggle the switch for “Show App on Apple Watch.”
  • You have to enable all the necessary remote settings. After all that, the Keynote App will be visible on your Apple Watch screen. 
  • Now, return to your Mac and open the keynote presentation slides. 
  • Take your Apple Watch and open the Keynote App. You will then see slider control options on the display. These control buttons can control the sliders on your Mac device. 

Use Apple Watch to control iTunes Music on Mac.

Controlling the music is a most impressive and easy function of iOS devices. 

  • On your Apple Watch, open the “Remote App. 
  • Click on the “Add Device” option. You will then see a four-digit code displayed on the screen. 
  • Now, go to your Mac and launch the “Music App.” 
  • Find the “Remote icon” and enter the four-digit code as requested. 

That’s it. Controlling and playing music on your Mac via your Apple Watch is as easy. 


So, these are the steps or processes to pair up your Apple Watch to an iPhone or Mac under different conditions. While connecting the WatchOS with Mac devices is not entirely possible, the limited optional functions are still better than nothing.