Unleashing the Power of Jio iCloud: Everything You Need to Know

What if your phone storage runs out of space? Where will you store all your essential data, Music, precious photos, and all? Nowadays, smartphones don’t even have an extra memory card slot. 

We all use the free Google cloud storage backup. But as the limit hits the end of space, the paid version starts. Even if good storage options are essential today, not many like to purchase premium or paid storage alternatives. 

Running out of storage in PCs and mobile phones is not a problem for one person; it is s global case. Apple has understood this issue and offers various iCloud options to its users. Similarly, Reliance Communications in India has decided to launch Jio Cloud. It will be India’s first Cloud storage service. 

Don’t you believe me? It’s true. India will now have its Cloud storage option by Jio. Jio users are excited to hear about this new launch of Jio Cloud storage. They will get 50 GB of free cloud space. And surprisingly, it will supposedly work on different devices as well. It’s happy news for Jio users in India. 

Since it is seemingly new information for many, this guide will offer some crucial highlights on Jio Cloud. If you haven’t figured out how to use it, get the details on how Jio Cloud works from here. 

So, let’s get into it. 

Jio Cloud

jio Cloud is the Indian cloud storage service app initiated by the giant telecom network in India, Reliance Jio. It is designed to benefit Indian audiences and Jio users. You can store everything on this cloud storage space, including songs, stories, photos, documents, videos, etc. There are no criteria for the type and size of the file storage. 

You can store data and sync it with the device. You can even stream its content and share them with others. It is like a hard disk that is easily accessible by the user. 

Jio Cloud will work on any device, including TV, computer, or mobile phone. There is a separate desktop app for Windows and macOS devices. And compact Jio Cloud app for Jio phone, Android, and iOS phones. A web version is also available to access on your Android TV. 

If you are a Jio user and already have an account, you must sign up on the Jio Cloud app and utilize its free cloud storage space. You can also use the MyJio account credentials to log in to the Jio Cloud app. You will need to register a separate account if there is no prior active Jio account. Only then can you get a Jio Cloud subscription. 

How does Jio Cloud work?

Since Jio Cloud is a storage service, it works like any other cloud storage. You can store any file of any type. You can access your Jio Cloud account from multiple devices like mobile phones, TV, or computer. 

Jio cloud can be synced with your device. The zero-click backup function enables automatic backup of your new and existing files to the free cloud space. Automatic backups improve the safety and security of the data through online storage. Just don’t forget to enable the auto-backup feature on the app. 

Jio understands how Indian audiences love sharing content, even across the corners of the nation. To help users share and create more memories with convenience, Jio Cloud features an additional Smart Collaboration function. That will enable you to share the cloud storage with friends and family. 

Smart features of Jio Cloud

To use the Jio Cloud app, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can enjoy the following smart features on this new Indian cloud storage service.

Automatic organization

Whether you save photos, videos, Music, or audio, the app will automatically organize them into specific categories. That helps in an easy search if you look for something. You also save time in the process.

Advanced search 

The advanced search feature enables users to find what they are looking for faster. The file search can be executed based on the file name, location, and date. 

App lock

Since Jio Cloud is an online storage option, it is a must to have solid safety and security mechanism to protect the user’s data. The app has an improved security app lock feature. Please enable it by placing a custom password or device lock alternative to safeguard your sensitive and crucial data on the device. 

Secured share 

We love sharing content with friends and family. A secure share feature enhances the safety of data transfer and sharing options, be it photos, videos, or any private and vital documents. Jio Cloud allows its users the private share feature where they can add members. You can even designate what you can do with the share content like read-only or permission to edit. For public sharing, you can generate separate link access. 

Home screen updates and notifications 

We often tend to forget what we are doing on our phones. But you can easily trace your actions on the Jio Cloud app. The app displays all the updates and notifies them directly on the home screen. If any app update is available, you will know about it. 

Contacts backup

You can stay worry-free about not losing your contacts list ever—the Jio Cloud app backups even your contacts.

Offline mode

Accessing online storage typically requires an internet connection. Surprisingly, you don’t have to worry about that on the Jio Cloud. An offline mode feature enables users to access content anywhere at any time without internet connectivity. 

Document scanner

Have you ever wondered if cloud storage services have a document scanner option? Well, Jio Cloud has it. You can readily scan important documents instantly with the Jio Cloud app. Turn the scanned documents into digital files and share on-the-go with others with Jio Cloud. 

Memories video

If you are an iPhone user, do you know how you get a compilation video of your memories at the month’s end every time? Jio Cloud offers that feature too. You will receive a perfectly curated video memory compiled explicitly for you to remind you of your memories. It will appear in the videos section once done. 

OTP Login

The security features of Jio Cloud are already safe with a two-factor authentication mechanism. But with the OTP login feature, you get an extra layer of protection from fraud logins to your Jio Cloud account. 

Scan login

Suppose you are accessing your Jio Cloud account at a different location on another device. In that case, you can quickly log in to your account via the scan login feature. Simply scan the displayed QR code and access your data. 

Refer and earn

While you get 5 GB of free space during the initial Jio Cloud signup, you get another chance to get additional 50GB of storage via the refer and earn feature. You can invite others to join Jio Cloud using a referral code. If they enter your referral code during sign-up, you get 10GB of extra space for each referral usage. 

Instant Music anywhere

You can play and listen to your preferred Music anytime without having to download it on your device. That will help you save some phone space. 

How to sign in to Jio Cloud?

The steps to sign in to Jio Cloud is very simple.

  • First, go to App Store or Google Play Store and download the JioCloud app.
  • You can also log in via the official Jio cloud website. 
  • If you are a Jio user, enter your User ID and password and sign in to the app. 
  • Once you log in, sync the app and your device to start uploading files and create a backup. 

You have other alternate options if you are not a Jio user and do not have a Jio account.

  • Log in via a verified Email ID on the Jio Cloud app.
  • Use your Google, Facebook, or Apple ID credentials to sign in to the app ( You get 2GB of free storage space). 

Devices compatibility to use Jio Cloud service 

Jio Cloud is accessible on mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, JioPhone, Jio STB, and the web. 

So, here’s the list of different compatible devices with Jio Cloud.

Web (latest version)

  • Windows Chrome and Mozilla 
  • Android Chrome browser
  • Mac Safari and Chrome
  • Windows Edge browser
  • iOS safari and chrome browsers

Mobile phone

  • Jio Phone – Candy, Qwerty.
  • Android – OS 5 and above versions
  • iOS – 10 and above versions


  • Mac OS X – 12 and above models
  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (64-bit)

Pros of the Jio Cloud app

Referral program available 

The Refer & Earn program enables users to get 10GB of additional storage for each usage of a referral code. 

Solid security features

The two-factor authentication to access the data improve the security aspects of Jio Cloud. Furthermore, SMS OTP and biometric unlock are also available in its mobile app. You can also quickly log out of devices if you logged into earlier. 

Support Hindi language

For the Indian audience, what is more, exciting than an app that supports the Hindi language? Jio Cloud offers to improve convenience for native and non-English speakers in India. 

Good user-interface

Both the mobile and web version of Jio Cloud has a quality and easy user interface. It is responsive with an easy navigation system. 

Weak privacy policy

While the security system is commendable, its privacy policy is not quite firm. The user’s data are known to be shared with contractors and vendors, eliminating a good cloud storage service. 

Last thoughts

It is an excellent overall option if you ignore the minor defects of the Jio Cloud storage service. With minor improvements, it can become more functional. While its download speed is also slow, that is not much of a disadvantage with the offline accessibility feature. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment.