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How To Customize Frames For Your Facebook Stories To Promote Business

Social media are not just for chatting and sharing anymore. You can use social media to promote your business across the globe. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites for communicating among people. But the question is how?

You can promote your brand to other people through Facebook stories. But with many people doing that already, it’s some customization that is needed for effectively promoting your business. Here comes the use of the Facebook Camera Effects Platform and the Frame Studio feature. With the help of these features, you can customize the frames of the Facebook stories. 

Unique frames can leave a positive effect on your customers and help in promoting your brand more compellingly. With the help of this guide, you will learn how to use custom frames on your Facebook stories.

How Can you Customize Frames for Facebook Stories?

You can adjust the frames and also design them according to your preferences. After that, you can easily publish the stories on Facebook so all your audiences can notice them. Let’s begin with the process.

Go to Facebook’s Camera page. Select the ‘Create A Frame’ button from the page. To use the page, you should log in to it through your Facebook account. This login process makes publishing easier later on. 

Now, locate a button named Select Owner from the top-right corner of the page. Then, you need to move your cursor to the Upload Art option. Alternatively, you might drag and drop the images. You can add one or more images. Make sure that the images are saved as .png. Additionally, change the size of the image by using the handles over there. Place the images to their best position by dragging and dropping.

Additional Tips: 

When you are customizing a frame, there are certain measures that can result in a better promotion. We have mentioned some of the top-notch tips to improve the design of a promotional frame. Check them out if you are a newbie with this custom frame creation.

  • Try to keep the background of the photo transparent. You may use any image editor application like Photoshop or whatever you like. 
  • Most people like simple frames. So you must try to create a simple frame. Intricate designs may not appear properly on mobile screens. Keep in mind that most people use Facebook on their mobile phones.
  • Ensure that the frame’s content is in the middle of the image. That’s why you should place the artworks at the edges of the frame. The frame should not dominate the content. It may invite bad impressions to your business.
  • The preview of the final frame is available according to the mobile device screening. You can adjust the frame before you update or publish the photos. Optimize the frame to get maximum responses from your audiences.

So these are some working tips to achieve a perfect frame structure and design. Please concentrate on the size and position because these two are the most crucial factors in creating a compelling photo.

Next Step 

When you are satisfied with your artwork, you have to click the Next button. Don’t forget to save this with a name so that you can search for the frame, later. In addition to this, your fans can also navigate to the same frame by searching for it.

Anyone can use Facebook Frames if they belong to specific regions. You can set the created frame that can be used in a definite location. 

If you don’t want people to use your frame for their purposes, you can prevent them from doing so. Go through the following guidelines to do so.

  1. Navigate to the Settings option from the Facebook profile. You can easily locate the icon at the top-right corner of the page when you are operating on a computer.
  2. Next, opt for the General settings. Choose the Page Location for Frames option.
  3. Alter the option who can create and customize frames at your business location.
  4. Finally, click the Save Changes button.

After you have customized the settings, inform Facebook whether you want your frame available once it gets approval. Otherwise, you can delay the availability of the frame. There are options available to add 10 keywords, at most. This will help other users to locate the frame in the near future. 

To Continue…

Now, this is the last time when you can preview your frame before you publish it. Click the Publish button to share your creation among the followers. You have now gained the ability to manage all your frames, preview on mobile devices, toggle them off and on, duplicate, etc.

To share any frame, click over the frame. All the followers on your page will get notification about it. In addition to this, they too, will get a button to share it.

Now, it’s time to add some photos or videos to the frame. Use the Try It button to get a preview. You may save the photo as a profile picture overlay or within the Facebook camera.

Next, choose the ‘Create a post with your frame’ option. Select an existing frame or you may upload a new frame, too. 

Additional Information: 

If any user has to apply your frame as their profile picture layout, they are eligible. Just follow the guidelines cited below.

  1. Visit
  2. Select your profile picture. Then, opt for your page.
  3. Enter the keywords that help you to fetch that frame. That’s another reason why naming the frame is so important.
  4. Select that frame from the results.
  5. Lastly, choose the Use As Profile Picture option.

The frame should get applied to the profile picture outlay. 

Choice is Yours

You can design thousands of different frames with help from the Facebook Camera Effects. Boost your business with creative Facebook stories. 

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