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Google Ends Rich Results For Data-Vocabulary.org

Google issued a statement that it is ending data-vocabulary.org structured data. From April of 2020, for rich results, using structured data data-vocabulary.org microdata is going to be valid. The sites should start switching to Schema.org structured data, who are using data-vocabulary structured data till now.


Data-Vocabulary Structured Data is structured data that Google executed. 2009 was its introduction time. In 2011, Schema.org structured data superseded Data-Vocabulary structured data.

Google and other organizations supported Schema.org’s structured data, which is open-source. Google added links to other pages by updating the Data-Vocabulary.org site, in 2011. The move to schema.org structured data became cheerful for this.

In spite of that, Google’s version of structured data continuously got support from Google itself until the announcement.

Change Influences Rich Results

Here are the lines by which Google presented the change.

“As of April 6, 2020, data-vocabulary.org markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features.”

With this, Google also said that the team will dispatch notices to the old system users.

Lessons From This…

Generally, you should keep your structured data up-to-date all the time with the version that Google prefers. Basically, Google prefers the version, JSON-LD structured data. However, you can put it off till the end. But at that time a deadline will be threatening a publisher.

Without a doubt this is the high time to change the structured data to schema.org. It is most preferable to update to JSON-LD Schema.org structured data format. If it is within resources then the reason is that its use is becoming wider and it is maintaining the standard.

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