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10 Myths About COVID-19 That You Shouldn’t Fall For

There has been a sudden outbreak of Coronavirus in the world since December 2019. Originally, this virus began to spread from one of the infamous wet markets of Wuhan, a city in the Hubei province of China. 

Coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19 in medical science, has already affected tens of thousands of people. Originating and affecting many in China initially, this deadly virus has systematically spread to other parts of the world. More than two dozens of countries are now fighting with this virus outbreak. Several thousand have died and many are testing positive each day.

Similar to the virus, there has been a continuous spread of misinformation all over the world. People still have a lot of misconception and confusion regarding this virus. Each day you will come across several pieces of information on social media about the Coronavirus. Such information is mostly fake and misleading. 

Top Coronavirus Myths To Watch Out For

To help yourself and your close ones protect from the virus you must not fall in the trap of misinformation and rumours. Instead, you must always follow those regulations and guidelines that you find on verified sources. Here we have countered some of the most widely shared false notions and misconceptions about the COVID-19 outbreak:

COVID-19 Cannot Spread in Hot Climate

Many have claimed and widely shared that the Novel Coronavirus is ineffective and weak in hotter areas. So, there are lesser chances of Coronavirus infection in humid and hot climatic areas. The truth is, however, different. COVID-19 can spread and infect you in all climatic areas of the world.

If you reside in or travel to a region that is witnessing the virus outbreak, you are on the risk of contracting the virus.

Cold Weather Can Kill the Virus

Till now, there hasn’t been any proof that could support the claim that the Novel Coronavirus can not survive in cold temperature. So, if you live in a colder region you are not essentially safe from the viral infection. Wherever you reside, make sure to protect yourself by frequently washing your hands. 

Everyone Should Wear a Mask

There has been an abnormal increase in the sale of masks all over the world. This has resulted in a massive global shortage of masks. Doctors and medical experts are of the opinion that masks are not for everyone. If you are a healthy individual then there is no need to wear a mask.

However, if you are suffering from flu, cold or fever then you must wear a mask to protect others around you. Moreover, you must also know how to wear a mask properly.

Coronavirus Can Spread Through Mosquito Bites

Till date, there has been no evidence to suggest that mosquitoes can be a potential carrier of the virus. COVID-19 spreads only through droplets discharged through the coughs and sneezes of an infected person. 

Moreover, the virus can also spread via the water droplets of the saliva and nasal discharge of an infected individual. 

Hot Baths Are Effective To Contain the Virus

Contrary to widespread belief, hot baths cannot prevent you from the viral infection. This is because your body temperature remains the same irrespective of the temperature of your bathwater. Instead, you can get burned if you bathe in hot water. 

The most effective way to prevent this virus is to wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer frequently. 

Antibiotics Are Useful To Treat COVID-19

COVID-19 is a virus. So, you cannot really use an antibiotic for preventing the virus or treating it. However, if you are undergoing treatment in a hospital, you can receive an antibiotic as a part of the fight against the virus. 

Bats Are the Primary Source Of Coronavirus

It has been widely claimed in the social media for the past few months that bats are the source of this deadly virus. However, medical experts believe that bats may have been a carrier of the virus. They think that the virus got transmitted to a pangolin from the bats. After that, it transferred to human bodies. 

On the other side, some experts believe that snakes sold in the Wuhan wet market are the actual source of the virus. 

Aged People Are the Only Victims

Older people have a naturally weak immune system. It means they are at a higher risk of the infection. However, this doesn’t imply that younger people are totally safe. Young individuals are equally susceptible to virus infection.

The younger generation must strictly follow social distancing so that they can also protect the weaker and older individuals from the infection. Moreover, individuals with cancer, diabetes and other medical conditions have the highest risk of contracting the virus. To protect your self from get in touch with virus you can take prescribed medicines as well from online pharmacy llc

Consuming Meat Can Lead To COVID-19 Infection

There has been no proof that eating fish, chicken, mutton or any other form of non-vegetarian food can cause the viral infection. So, you can consume these without any fear. However, not consuming meat or fish is no guarantee that you are safe from the virus.

Eating Garlic Can Protect You From the Viral Infection

Garlic contains various antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Consuming garlic can provide you relief from a wide number of health issues. However, there has been no evidence till now that supports the claim that garlic can prevent the COVID-19 infection. 

Final Word

To sum up, it is best to stay away from rumour and misinformation and focus on genuine ways to protect yourself from the virus outbreak. The most effective way to prevent yourself from getting infected is to wash your hands frequently. Moreover, try to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. At the same time, you must put off all non-essential travels and stay indoors as much as possible.