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The 7 Most Important Features of An Online Hiring Assessment Platform

Campus recruitments are a win-win situation for colleges and companies. Campus placements are now considered an essential component of qualifying. Major studies reveal that the younger generation is much faster, more innovative, and more efficient to work. It is easy to Infuse and leverage such qualities of genZ in your organization. Campus recruitment can turn out to be a great sourcing platform. In-person coding interviews are a good way to test developers, but they have certain inconveniences too. An online hiring assessment platform allows you to carry out a number of tests at a time. To get around various examination problems, there is a simple solution that can be beneficial for you and your candidates.

Why are campus placements needed during the campus recruitment process?

There is no doubt that Genz is smart and dynamic. Dynamicity of a job does not make one interested as studies reveal more importance to the candidate’s interest than any other qualities of a job. It believes that not every job role is for everyone. Interest is what drives them to work dedicatedly. At the same time for employers, it becomes easy to screen the candidates based on the candidate’s aptitude, knowledge, and job skill levels. That is the reason employers are using aptitude test for hiring to ensure better hiring. It assesses a great way to connect the dots that might miss between candidate and employer. From being cost-effective to efficient in the entire recruitment process, online assessment has its functional areas that may suit each recruitment process.

Let’s talk about some of the essential aspects that an online assessment platform should have.

User-friendly interface

The interface of the online assessment tool needs to be user-friendly. It allows assessment in a way that is easy for both the recruiter and the candidate. The valuation test should be simple for candidates to interact with and fill in.

Compatibility with regional language

Standardization of the assessment should provide regional language compatibility. It makes the assessment user-friendly for acting parties. Regional language compatibility the geographical scope of candidate hiring. For instance, if the company is located in A part of the country, they can conduct the placement drive in the B part that can be miles away. Even while the selection process an aptitude test for hiring drives the best results that are available in various regional languages.

Verification mechanism

The online assessment tool should get well equipped to carry out the verification of the candidates. For instance, before starting the actual test, the candidates need to hold up their identification verification card right middle of the screen. It may include the document that has been intimated to them beforehand as the assessment starts.

It confirms that the person on the list is the one who is taking the test.

Ability to cope with issues

Suppose we consider a situation where the candidate resides in a remote location. He faces some bandwidth problem issues and the exam page lag a lot. In that case, the online assessment tool should get programmed in a way that even with lower bandwidth, the exam can happen seamlessly. It ensures that the candidate does not waste their precious examination time.

Ability to use training material

The online assessment tool should provide the user optimum and appropriate amount of data on how to use the tool in a step-by-step process, the conduction of the mock exam should be an add-on where the practice gets conducted so that users get equipped with enough material to use online assessment when needed. If the candidate or the recruiter faces any kind of issues or has any doubt regarding the online assessment tool, the issues should get addressed immediately. It ensures the continuation of the exam through any problems or hurdles that may come up. It allows the exam conduction to be seamless and it permits the candidates to give their exams easily.

Generous support team

It is just not during the examination. But it needs assistance during the pre-examination for candidates and recruiters too. Pre-examination and the conveyance of the timetable need to be done properly. During the exam, as we saw above, support is needed and needs to be provided to avoid any kind of mishaps. In terms of online assessment security, an online assessment tool needs to provide an optimum level of safety measures. It should offer audio proctoring, video proctoring, print proctoring, and 360-degree proctoring as people call it. In addition to the terms of security for the recruiters, the tools should get well equipped to provide an optimum level of security so that any kind of it does not get exposed to any sort of vulnerability.

Ability to function and scale seamlessly

One of the most regular mistakes that happen when people are on the hunt for an online assessment tool is not testing whether the tool is robust or not. We know that online assessment tools should be robust and scalable to handle any kind of workload that keeps on coming at any speed. the tool should adapt itself to the figures as and when needed. It is one of the most essential features to consider when you choose any online assessment tool. It does not work only for campus recruitment; an online employment aptitude test (Online Hiring Assessment Platform) can be served to get better hiring on time and analyzing features is a means to keep track of the progress of the candidate.


The feature allows the examinee’s side of the organization to change their processes and enhance the effectiveness of the assessment. Much more should get considered before choosing an online assessment tool (Online Hiring Assessment Platform). It makes it to the list of oceans before you decide on any platform for online assessment of the entity.

  • What methods do they provide to prevent the candidates from cheating?
  • Is the company certified so that it can conduct the right kind of examination?
  • Does the company have recognition for the same?
  • What sort of security does it provide to protect the data assessment process?
  • Does it support remote proctoring?
  • What sort of remote proctoring does it offer?
  • Does the online assessment tool work well with the existing environment?

These are some of the features that an online assessment tool should have.