hiring a tutor

Factors to consider when hiring a tutor

Learners often have difficulties grasping some ideas, especially when they miss class for some days. This can become a real struggle if they don’t find an intervention. Some teachers might help though not wholly. The best way to counter this is by seeking the help of a tutor who will dedicate their time to the learner.

Amid many trainers, it is almost impossible to know who to hire and who to dismiss. This is because tutors have relevant expertise and teaching styles tailored for different students to grasp complex concepts. So, what should you look for when hiring a tutor ? Below are some of the important factors.

Physical versus virtual training

The first thing you have to think about is whether you want online learning sessions or physical tutoring. Both come with downsides and advantages. Let’s look at the two separately.

Presently, online tutoring seems to be the ideal option because of the work-from-home policy. This option allows trainers and learners to schedule lessons and participate through mediums like Zoom. The best thing about online learning is the accessibility advantage; you can schedule a training session any time and at the participants’ convenience. Plus, you can benefit from multiple trainers, making it easier for students to adapt to new teaching models.

On the other hand, in-person training is perfect for one-on-one lessons. This option is ideal if you intend to build a relationship between the trainer and the student. However, it is limiting because some trainers might not take the responsibility seriously and quit after some time. Plus, it is costly because you will have to cater for commuting fees.

Whether you choose virtual or physical learning, it will help to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both options before finding a statistics tutor online or offline.


Some students don’t struggle in all subjects and might only need hiring a tutor with specific expertise. The best way to go about this is to figure out what subject you need help with and look for a hiring a tutor specializing in the same. For instance, students struggling with statistics can benefit from an online statistics lecturer, while a math tutor will perfectly help students struggling with geometry compared to one specializing in English.

Independent tutor versus agency

Both options have their benefits and downsides. Private tutoring can be ideal if you only need help in one subject because you will look for a trainer specializing in that subject. Besides, the tutor also focuses their time on each student as per their need.

On the other hand, agencies have trainers specializing in different subjects –making them perfect for more than one subject’s needs. Also, agencies vet their trainers and make sure they meet the academic and expert threshold before marketing their services.

Availability and flexibility

Schedules are necessary for tutoring. And you are better off with a tutor who fits in your schedule while accommodating your learning needs. Plus, students learn at different paces, making it hard to assume what works for one learner would work for the rest. In this case, the teacher should be flexible and integrate different learning styles for all their students. A helpful tip would be to look for a tutor whose availability and flexibility are guaranteed.


If you think your search has ended by finding a tutor, be sure to test him to see if he meets your needs. One or two sessions can help gauge the trainer’s expertise and capabilities. Be sure that the trainer meets your needs, learning style, and budget. The best tutor can be a student’s greatest need for excelling; you don’t want to gamble your chances with a fake trainer.