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YouTube Rolls Out Updated Desktop And Tablet App Layout

YouTube has introduced a new homepage for its users. This homepage is an attempt from YouTube’s end to improve and enhance the user experience. YouTube has decided to launch its homepage on all desktops along with Android and iOS apps. However, this feature will be available to everyone in the future.

YouTube plans to introduce certain interesting features on its new homepage. They have put forward a redesigned homepage to let you find the next great videos to watch. This new homepage uses a fresh representational style and enables access to additional control features. 

What to Expect From the New Homepage?

YouTube has brought features of updated presentation style and enhanced control options. If you are someone who’s highly addicted to watching videos on YouTube, then you’ll surely benefit from it. Here’s a list of those unique features that you will find on the newly launched YouTube homepage:

Redesigned Homepage

We all love to have a preview before starting to watch any YouTube video. The preview gives us a brief but clear idea about what the video contains and how interesting it can be. So, YouTube has decided to make the thumbnails much bigger that would help you to watch previews in higher resolution. 

Moreover, YouTube will now provide longer titles for each video. With this, you can learn more about the context of the video that you are about to watch. Apart from this, they will also include channel icons in the video, which will allow you to promptly recognize your favorite YouTube creators. 

YouTube has, however, kept the general layout of the application unaltered. The “Recommended” section also remains as it was before. But, with the aim to present a clean appearance, YouTube will be eliminating some of the content shelves. 

Overall, YouTube is quite confident that with these features you will have an amazing viewing experience. 

Add to Queue

This is another great feature that you will spot in your YouTube in the coming days. YouTube will introduce the ‘Add to queue’ button on its new homepage. You can find this option in the overflow menu. 

Whenever you are in the Home feed, search result or even on a particular channel page and click on this button, a Mini player will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen.  But, you cannot find the actual queue list as it usually remains hidden. Whereas, you can easily expand it whenever you wish. 

Using this feature, you can promptly reorganize the playback order and also delete them. You can easily select the videos that you wish to watch without interrupting the video that you are watching at the moment. 

Remove Suggestions Smoothly 

YouTube had previously introduced this feature in mobile devices. With this feature, a user could ask YouTube not to recommend videos from a particular channel. However, YouTube is now introducing the same feature on desktops as well. 

Using this feature is quite simple. All you have to do is click on the three-dot icon located next to a video on your homepage. From there, tap on the ‘Don’t recommend channel’ option. After this, you won’t get any video suggestions on your homepage from that channel. However, you will find these videos in the search results or in the “Trending” tab.

YouTube has a long history of recommending videos that might be age-inappropriate or vulgar to some people. With this feature, users can now decide which videos will appear on the homepage.  


To sum up, these new features introduced with the new homepage are apparently small and minor. However, these are bound to affect the overall viewing experience on YouTube. Also, they will provide smooth navigability and added functionality on the website. 

Apart from this, these additional features will bear some good news for the sponsors and the marketers.