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What is duplex printer and How it works

What is duplex printer and Duplex printing means that you can use the printer to print on both sides of the paper automatically or manually by turning the paper over after the first side has been printed. For double-sided printing, the model needs built-in functionality. On the other hand, single-sided printing can only print on one side of the paper. 

How Do Duplex Printers Work?

When you click Print on your printer, select the Use Both Sides Page option in the Page Setup dialog box, and if your printer has double-sided printing capabilities, the computer will map both sides of the page usage to your printer. Instruct to. When one side is printed, the paper is fed back to the printer (which may need to be done manually) and printed on the other side of the sheet, so both sides are used and printed in the correct order. The double-sided printing feature saves paper and uses both sides of the sheet to protect the environment. 

How can I print using duplex printing method?

First, you need a printer with double-sided printing. If the model number has a “D” at the end, it is usually on the printer. Example: 2600DN. As with all printer-related technologies, the availability and setup of double-sided printing varies greatly by printer make and model. We hope this guide will show you how to take advantage of double-sided printing for your business. Second, if you are using a duplex printer, you will need to configure it from the Printer menu or your PC. 

Automatic duplex printing or manual duplex printing, which one is better?

Some printers may have options for automatic double-sided printing or manual double-sided printing. As you can imagine, the automatic version is much easier to use and once set up, no extra effort is required. Manual duplication, on the other hand, requires a bit of extra work just to flip the pages yourself, but it’s worth the savings. 

Automatic Duplex printing

As the name implies, models with the automatic double-sided printing option can click Print by default to print all documents on both sides. Depending on the printer, you can set up automatic double-sided printing via the printer settings through your computer or the printer settings through the menu screen of the actual printer. The following shows how to set automatic double-sided printing using either method. As mentioned earlier, this can vary slightly depending on the make / model of the particular printer, but it should help guide the process. 

Manual Duplex printing

Depending on the printer make and model, you may not have the option to use automatic double-sided printing. Instead, although not labeled as such, there is usually an option for manual double-sided printing. Manual double-sided printing ultimately achieves the same final result, double-sided printing. The difference is that you actually have to flip the paper yourself when prompted. For some printers, setting up manual double-sided printing is the same process as above and is included in the printer settings. On other models, manual double-sided printing requires a little more creativity. If the Printer Access is Denied printer supports manual double-sided printing, the printer usually asks you to reload the paper.

Single-sided double-sided printing

The above information describes how to set the printer to double-sided printing by default, but what if you do this only once or in rare cases? Fortunately, there is also a solution. If you just want to print the document you are working on on both sides, clicking the Print button usually gives you the option to change the printer properties for that print only. Clicking on it will bring up the same menu as before. You can use this menu to instruct the printer to print only that document on both sides. 

What are the brands that offer printers capable of Duplex printing?

Most manufacturers have models with double-sided printing enabled. An easy way to determine which printer has double-sided printing is to look at the printer model number. B. Color laser printer Ricoh SPC240DN. The model number may look arbitrary at first, but there is information inside. A D for all model numbers means that the printer can print on both sides. The same can be seen with the Lexmark CX410dte. This can be double-sided printed with the Canon PIXMA MG4150, but the difference here is that Canon does not include a D in the model name, which can be misleading. 

Cost reduction by Duplex printing

Using automatic double-sided printing can save you a considerable amount of money over time, depending on the amount of print. The following table shows how much you can save by switching to automatic double-sided printing in your company. Double-sided printing does not save the cost of toner or ink cartridges, but at least some of the cost of paper. Switching to double printing can also have a significant impact on the environment, and a study by Arizona State University found that 725 trees were saved after switching to double printing. 

Duplex Printing Overview

Hopefully, this revealed some of the questions you had for dual printing, whether this is related to automatic double version printing, manual Duplex printing or double page. If you use Duplex printing in your organization successfully, you want to hear from you how to work, but please leave a comment. 

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Looking for a Duplex printer?

An auto Duplex printer always becomes the first choice of any user who regularly needs it due to its efficiency and smooth printing experience for the user. This has become a standard for many organizations who employ the services of Duplex printing in their day to day chores. Also do let us know in the comment section if you want a particular model to be reviewed by us for Duplex printing.

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