How to fix hp printer touch screen not working ?

Top-notch HP printers come up with a touch screen panel, & it assists you access all the functions. Like all the other printers, at times, you might find the HP printer touch screen not working. This is an annoying problem. Certain backup buttons might help you print in case of an emergency. However overall, you can’t use all the features of the system. 

The incorrect internal configuration can usually affect the HP printer touchscreen. Moreover, the physical damage might also be responsible. Here are the most efficient solutions that will aid you resolve the hp printer display not working. And if it is damaged or broken somehow, then do not try to repair it. This may lead to further issues!

The most efficient Solutions

Before moving towards the solutions, you need to turn on your HP printer. Here you need to be  sure that it’s in the ready state. And do not forget to check whether each and every necessary cable is attached to your device or not. The solutions are here as follows:


Fix 1: Reboot the Printer

Power cycle has been a problem-solving fix for electronic devices. Therefore, the printer isn’t the exception. Detach all the cables from the printer. Then, you need to disconnect the printer power cable from the power socket. Keep in mind, it’s the force restart as your printer touch screen is not working correctly. Now, make sure you wait for a while & connect each and every cable along with the power cord. Once the printer is ready, attempt to access the touch screen and check whether it is working or not

Fix 2: Faulty Power Cord

At times, because of the insufficient power supply the printer touch screen error appears. It means that the power cord might have certain internal issues. Try to use a new one & simply replace it. Be  sure that you get a real HP power cord which is completely compatible with your printer model.

Fix 3: The New Printer Drivers

Old or corrupted printer drivers installed on your device can lead to different problems. The HP printer touch screen not working issue may occur due to this reason. No need to move to the Device Manager. The most advanced driver setup files are pretty crucial, & you should keep a backup. 

Therefore, move towards the HP official website. Here you need to search and then look for the support section. Choose Printer from the underlying categories, & type your Printer’s model number. Once you are done with this instruction, the website will detect the Operating System automatically that you are using. Now, try to download all the Printer drivers. Once the downloading process gets completed, install them on the device. Do not forget to reboot to save the alterations. This re-installation can overwrite the prior old driver files. 

Fix 4: Getting the New Firmware

The old firmware can be responsible for the hp envy printer screen not working issue. Further complications can also occur once the firmware gets corrupted by malware or any other viruses. Like the last solution, you can easily get the firmware package from the HP official website. Hopefully, the downloaded file comes up  in zipped format. Therefore, you need to extract the files & install them. Be sure during the installation process, the printer should be attached to the system. 

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Fix 5: verify the Unresponsive Screen

This situation might arise when the central area is unresponsive, the corners might be still intact. Without further delay let’s test. Hit the hash & copy buHP printer screen frozentton located on the keypad. While doing so, a dot can come up on the top-left corner of the screen. Here, you need to release both keys. Now, simply check whether the corner portions of the screen are responsive or not. Well, if this works, simply continue tapping on the dots. And if you finish the process without any kind of interruption, then the touchscreen might have some internal problem. 

Fix 6: Contact hp support

If none of the above steps work, it’s definitely possible that there’s a deeper issue with the touch screen hardware. So, Contact HP support for further assistance or to inquire about warranty repair options. Inspect the touch screen for any signs of physical damage such as cracks or scratches. If you notice any damage, it may require professional replacement.

hp printer screen frozen

When someone says their HP printer screen is formed, they mean that the display on the printer is unresponsive or wedged on a particular screen. This could be due to  colorful reasons similar to a software glitch, outdated firmware, or a tackle issue. Basically, the screen isn’t replying to any input from the stoner, making it delicate to use or operate the printer. However, try these ways to resolve the issue If your HP printer screen is formed .  

1- Power Cycle- 

Turn off the printer, open it from the power source, and stay for about 30 seconds. Also plug it back in and turn it on again. This might reset the printer and dissolve the screen.   

2-Check for Updates- 

Occasionally, firmware updates can fix issues like firmed defenses. Check if there are any updates available for your printer’s firmware and install them if necessary.   

3- Reset to Factory Settings-

Utmost printers have an option to reset to plant settings in their settings menu. Look for this option and try resetting the printer to see if it resolves the issue. Keep in mind that this will abolish any customized settings you have configured.   

4- Contact HP Support-  

If none of the below work, it’s possible that there is a tackle issue causing the screen to indurate. Contact HP support for further backing or to interrogate about bond form options.   


By following these ways, you should be suitable to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the firmed screen issue with your touch screen HP printer not working.

At the End

That’s all. Hopefully after performing these fixes, hp touch screen not working gets resolved. You can query it by hp touch screen monitor not working. If you still have questions regarding Why is my touchscreen pad on my HP Printer not working, visit our official website.

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