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What is Amazon Prime Gaming and Their benefits to use it?

Today’s guide thoroughly walks you through each and every perk and benefit of Amazon Prime Membership. Moreover, we have also addressed frequently asked queries regarding Amazon Prime Gaming and Prime membership.

Keep reading our guide to learn how to get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership. We are confident that by the end of this guide you will be aware to make an informed decision as to whether Amazon Prime membership is worth it or not.

Amazon Prime’s features have been mentioned below and placed in order to make it all the easier. Just, sit back & read on!

To start with, for those who have never heard or used Prime before, let’s have a deep look into the description of what Amazon Prime membership is.

What is Amazon Prime?

Introduced in 2005, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription-based service provided by Amazon inc that allows users to unlock exclusive features  & perks to meet their demand and increase their shopping experience whilst catering the entertainment-oriented requirements.

Well, on the surface level, it is pretty popular for its 2-day speed shipping perk; however, if you look a bit deeper, you can find that there are plenty of added privileges that you may be missing out on without signing into Amazon Prime Membership.

And the good thing is, Amazon Prime is now available in 22 countries — Australia, China, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, France, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Luxembourg, Netherland, Turkey, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the United States, & the United Kingdom.

As of now, Amazon Prime has 500million+ subscribers from all over the world. Well, if you’re not one of them but want to be, here are all the details you may require to know before purchasing your membership subscription.

What Does Amazon Prime Incorporate— Features

Amazon Prime has lots of benefits & special perks like Speed shipping, Free shipping, Amazon Music, Prime Now, and so on. So, here is a detailed collection of ALL the special perks & benefits that you can get with an Amazon Prime membership.

amazon prime gaming benefits

Amazon Prime Shopping Benefits

Amazon Prime is usually popular for all the added shopping perks that increase your shopping experience with no-cost speed shipping, steal deals, and more.

An order that would usually take up to approximately 1 week to reach would be in your hands the same day. Here is a large list of all the shopping benefits that the users can unlock upon becoming a member of Amazon Prime.

Delivery Benefits with Prime

So, here in this section, users will find a number of delivery benefits with a Prime membership.

Free Shipping

With Amazon Prime membership, users can get free shipping on any product or stuff that they purchase. From kids’ items, books, groceries to electronics. Millions of products are delivered the very same day along with no added delivery charge. It helps to save you from the additional bucks you need to pay each time you make any order below the total amount of $25.

FREE Two-Day Delivery: Fast & smooth delivery of thousands of products and stuff all for no charge.

FREE One-Day Delivery: No minimum purchase can be required on over 50 million products. The order will be delivered within 24hrs of billing time.

FREE Same-Day Delivery: Same day delivery is available on over 10 million products for eligible orders over $40 in some specific locations. It is highly advised to order in the early morning, before noon, & have your products delivered by 9 p.m.

FREE Two-Hour Grocery Delivery: A wide range of groceries, including fish, snacks, meat, fruit, along with household needs, are accessible for free two-hour delivery. 

Prescription Delivery & Savings: Amazon Pharmacy provides quick, free two-day delivery on all the medicines, with special discounts offers

FREE Release-Date Delivery: Get the most latest music, games, movies, books, & more on the very same day that they are released.

Amazon Prime Shopping Benefits

Let’s check out the shopping benefits that a user can get with a Prime Membership.

Prime Day has a yearly 2-day shopping event accessible only to Prime members that provides amazing savings & huge discounts on over 1 million products from all categories.

Prime Exclusive Prices: Amazon prime members might take advantage of exclusive deals on millions of products.

Prime Rewards Card: Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card provides you a chance to get 5% cashback at Amazon & Whole Foods Market.

Amazon Prime Store Card: Earn 5% back on Amazon purchases each day & get easy access to amazing promotional financing deals.

Amazon Prime Secured Card: Help to build up your credit & get 2% cashback on Amazon shopping, Amazon Fresh, & more with the Amazon Prime Secured Card.

Prime Early Access: With Amazon Prime Membership, get 30-minute early access to all the Amazon Lightning Deals. It puts you ahead of the thousands of other shoppers on Amazon & also ensures that you will never face an out-of-stock notice. 

Prime Fulfilled For Smoother & Safer Purchases

Whenever users are browsing for products on the mobile app or Amazon website, you should have found a Prime symbol with a blue-colored tick next to it. The sign assures that the product listed is fulfilled by Amazon Prime & is eligible for all the shopping perks that appear with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Fulfilled assures that all the goods are stored in the Amazon Warehouse & they’ll be delivered by Amazon itself. Well, if there is any chance for a refund or return, it’ll also be managed by Amazon. In fact, there isn’t any involvement of the seller. Henceforth, users can safely order the goods without any sort of hesitation.

Free Prime Now

Prime Now decreases the time it takes for delivery of some of the products, like groceries, Wholefoods, etc to less than 2 hours. Do not forget to note that this service is only available for some specific metro regions.

Of course, Prime Now was a subsidiary with a separate, devoted application. But now it is handled by the Prime benefits.

Special Deals on Grocery Shopping

Amazon Prime also offers certain exclusive discounts while making purchases of certain groceries & whole foods online or in-store for all prime members.

Amazon Family Benefits

Amazon also offers an Amazon Family benefit which is a free service for all Prime members. It includes family-friendly coupons along with different, like over 15% discount on baby registry completion & more than 20% discount on diapers. Therefore, if you have a family, your Amazon Prime benefits cover that as well.

Amazon Prime Video & Digital Benefits

Never confused Amazon Prime with Amazon Prime Video. Well, Amazon Prime is the membership service & Amazon Prime Video is the live TV & video streaming service provided by Amazon.

But, you will be delighted to be aware of the fact that with an Amazon Prime membership, whether it is monthly or annual, you will be able to unlock amazon prime video too.

So, let’s have a look at the Amazon Prime video streaming & all other digital benefits such as free reading ebooks, that are also come up with Amazon Prime Membership.

Unlimited Series, Movies, and Live TV Shows

When you purchase Amazon Prime Membership, you will get unlimited access to the Amazon Prime Videos, Series, Movies,  as well as LIVE TV. The membership worth $119 Annually or  $12.99 monthly, provides you ad-free access to their whole catalog without any types of limitations.

Prime video boasts a large library with over 2,700 shows & 26,000 movies (and counting). 

Users will be able to enjoy their Amazon Prime Video subscription on Roku, Smart TVs,  Apple TV, Amazon Fire services, Amazon Fire Stick, PC, Mac, Android phones, Browsers,  iPhones, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3/4/5, Xbox 1, along with Blu-ray players, Series X, & Google Chromecast.

Large Array of Music with Amazon Music

Prime Membership allows the users to get easy access to Amazon Music hosts to boast a wide library of more than 70 million albums, songs, & artists to listen to with the additional advantage of being ad-free & having top-notch audio.

Henceforth, if you are an audiophile, then welcome to paradise guys!

Endless Free Reading e-books

Prime Membership also allows the users to get access to over a million free books, periodicals, & comics. The service functions on Fire tablets & Kindle, along with any Android & iOS device that has the Kindle application installed.

Prime Reading: The Prime members can enjoy endless access to over a million eBooks, famous comics, periodicals, & more on any system with Prime Reading. 

Unlimited Photo Storage- Amazon Prime users can get endless full-resolution lossless picture storage & over 5 Gigabytes of the video storage facility

When it comes to the Amazon Photographs application, which can be browsed from any computer or smartphone, will store all your pictures in the cloud.

Amazon Prime Gaming Benefits

Prime has something special for game lovers as well. Therefore, if you’re a gamer or prefer to play games, whether it is competitive or casual, you’ll be pleased to be aware of the benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming that appears with Amazon Prime membership at no extra cost.

Free Prime Gaming incorporated with Amazon Prime

Users will be able to unlock instant access to a large catalog of exceptional in-game content & perks (unlockables, cosmetics, etc) for your preferred game. To keep you updated, you will get a Twitch Prime subscription along with Amazon Prime every month.

Free Twitch Prime With Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime is absolutely free if you have an Amazon Prime membership. You are also eligible for this if you have purchased a Prime Video membership. It’s just a matter of connecting your  & Twitch accounts.

Twitch Prime is a paid version of Twitch that incorporates a free monthly channel subscription, in-game loot, and free game downloads.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost

The Amazon Prime Membership will you $119 ANNUALLY Or,

The Amazon Prime Membership will cost you $12.99 MONTHLY.

Note: You may be eligible for student discounts, therefore feel free to check the official Prime Page!

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That’s all about Amazon Prime Gaming and Its benefits to using it! Today, we walked you through a rundown of all the advantages that come with an AMAZON PRIME MEMBERSHIP.

We talked about Prime Gaming, Prime Delivery, Twitch Prime, &  so on. Well, if you are not sure about subscribing to Amazon Prime, then we are confident that after going through this guide you’re ready to make a decision — subscribe to Amazon Prime today! If you have further queries regarding what amazon prime gaming or anything related to amazon prime gaming uses, do comment in the below section! We would be happy to revert you back.

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