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Your Router Might Be Helping To Cybercriminals Conceal Their Tracks

Cybercrimes With Routers

The world is connected with technical components. We can know anything in few seconds with the help of the Internet. During early times there are huge antennas for the data transmission.

As the time got evolved the size of the antennas also decreased. People started to set up their routers for their data transfer. These routers are small in size. They have high reliability.


They can transfer the data in a fast manner. The data can reach you without any distortion with the help of routers.

They are the major source to provide the data transfer with low distortion. The setup of the routers is also easy.


When there are many advantages in the Internet browsing there is one major problem. It is cybercriminals. The cybercriminals can easily hack any websites and can recover the data for their need.

They even modulate the website according to their needs. They transact from the unknown sources to another. They are the major threat in the communication technology sector.

Even people found a way to strengthen the privacy of their website they found a way to log in to the website. They filled their knowledge with many source coding as well as spy software.


The Akamai is the prominent cloud service providers in the technical zone. It was originated in Massachusetts in the USA. Its network is known worldwide, and it can deliver the data with less traffic.

cybercriminals router

It provides a platform to deliver the data in speed manner. The navigation of URL can be done in a fast manner. Recently it released a survey which gave the shock to many people.

It revealed that many hackers are using conventional routers to hide their tracking list. The attackers are using UNNP features to hide their activities.

Universal Plug And Play

The universal plug and play were launched by Microsoft. It can allow the wide range of control. It is created to overcome the security threats. But due to its open source process, many people started to explore it to their malware process.

The devices have the straightforward configuration. You need to plug in like a keyboard or mouse. People are not interested in connecting their router administration to their access products.

This made way for the cybercriminals. They started to use the home routers to hide their tracks list. The setup configuration was easy in the process.


The Akamai announced that more than 65,000 routers had affected because of this problem. Many routers are subjected to the threats. Many leading manufacturers’ products also subjected to the similar threat.


If you found something fishy around your router setup a proxy server in order to save your routers. The proxy server may help your home or broadband links from the attack.

They even mentioned more things such as phishing and DDOS attacks. You can see the normal activities from your system.

So, it is best to encrypt your system with high tech software. Keep an eye on the tracker list of your products. It is the only solution to get away from the problem.