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Mozilla’s ‘Hubs’ Builds a Chatroom in VR for Any Browser and Headset

In the recent days, Mozilla has launched a social platform that is working on the reality bases and known as Hubs. The application is mainly based on the WebVR, This is the web-based portal that is able for the virtual reality experience.

Mozilla Hubs VR

Now you don’t have a need for the additional software for experiencing the virtual reality. This HUB based portal is working in all the browsers and you can also download this social application on your device right now.

Gathering of Friends at Private Place

You can also use your personal computer or laptop if you do not have the access key to a VR Hardware. Large numbers of people are gathering and communicating with others at this virtual social platform.

When we talk about the Mozilla Statement we can say that from the management of Mozilla it is stated that this experience will of course progressively scale to make use of this hardware available for all.

Virtual Space for Secret Communication

Now let us talk about what exactly is Hubs in the real form? Well it is the personal hanging space for you and your friends and you can also stats simply by choosing one of the three screens and these three screens are the living room, a Terrance overlooking the rocky pool, a fantasy setting in the medieval ages and a deep rocky pool of water.

Mozilla VR

You pick a name and avatar and get access to the speaker or microphone. Now you must click on the share button for the generated link through which you can also invite other people to the virtual platform.

Mozilla Virtual Space

This works just like getting access to the virtual private room by using a Laptop without the headset. The usage of Samsung Gear VR adds a twist to the setting of the medieval ages.

This is also known as the Mozilla Virtual Space and you can enjoy the numerous benefits of Virtual Space developed by Mozilla. The team of the Mozilla is mainly the developer of this virtual space.

Enjoy Video Chats With Friends on Virtual Environment

This is one of the important experiences doesn’t dive deep into a vast experience but lets you hang out in a virtual private setup with your best friends and loved ones.

Privacy is one of the important things in our life and we can’t avoid the importance of privacy. Now with the virtual environment, you can easily see the chats, videos chats and other features that are running on the application of virtual space.

mozilla vr chatroom

On the other hand, you can also explore the virtual space on this portal.

Additional and Upcoming Features

Don’t think so much about the application process and benefits of this program because it is just the beginning and there are lots of features in this application for the users.

The new features will also add us to this application and you will experience the great reality and virtual feelings. The goal of the application is the integration of the friends with the best communication tool.