Vival browser new update v1.6

Newest Vivaldi Browser Has Fixed Audio Issues & Visual Customization

Vivaldi has released another version of its browser which is already available for people to download. The latest version of Vivaldi browser is 1.15 which will make the browsing more reliable and more personalized with the help of visual customization it offers.

Vivaldi browser

If we go back to history back in 2016, Vivaldi browser was released mainly for the fans of Opera, Which was released after the launch of the Opera 12.

Personalized Appearance

Main reasons to try Vivaldi browser is the various levels of browsing experiences and customization that it offers.

Now Vivaldi browser also allows users to personalize the web browser by selecting their favorite image and set it as a background image for the browser.

You can find these settings under appearance, and you need to enable it manually. This feature will completely change the way your browser looks with the theme appearing everywhere from maximizing, minimizing and even the close buttons.

Powerful Bookmarking

Now bookmarking on Vivaldi browser is even more improved. You can access the bookmarks directly from the menu for finding your favorite sites.

Meanwhile, the earlier versions of Vivaldi browser only depended on accessing from Bookmark panel, Speed dial, bookmark manager and also Bookmark bar.

The new Vivaldi browser 1.15 also brings quite a lot of fixes to HTML 5 audio related Issues like Audio not playing, or audio played at a different timing or wrong speed are fixed which is one of the major reasons why anyone should try the new browser.

Vivaldi web browser

All the issues which made previous Vivaldi browsers away from using it, Is all fixed now. This can be a good news for a lot of people.

The new Vivaldi browser offers a full-screen mode which will reduce every distraction happens during the web browsing.

Vivaldi browser 1.15 will let you access the address bar and also other useful features while you are in full-screen mode.

The Address bar and those toggles can be turned on while in full-screen mode using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + F11. You can also customize all these in settings.

The Capture page feature now will also allow the previous settings to existing by storing them, Instead of resetting the settings each time when you restart the browser.

The capture page, which is an inbuilt screenshot taking the feature, will allow you to take a picture of the whole page in both PNG as well as JPG file formats.

You can also send the images to the clipboard. Well, you can find this option towards the bottom of your browser which looks like the camera icon.

Vivaldi download

According to the CEO of Vivaldi, Technologies said that the features communicate all the capabilities of their product, and their goal at Vivaldi is making every aspect priceless and flexible for all the users.

Also, Vivaldi is continuously working on every aspect of its browser to make it better with each version as he said that they are continually working for adding finer details to all the aspects of the browser making Vivaldi great with each version.