Unbanned From Discord with VPN

How to unban someone on discord

Discord has become a very popular and great social app where mostly gamers can have interaction while playing a game through text, video, and voice. But, just like any social app or platform it has a certain community-friendly structure and guidelines which if followed by users make Discord even better for healthy discussion, and when users or people do not follow these set guidelines for unban someone on discord, they can sometimes get banned from the Discord.

There are only 2 types of bans on the Discord platform currently. Number one is a server ban; users will not be able to access a particular community server just like groups in WhatsApp. And the second one is a Discord ban, users can longer access any of Discord’s services.

What is Discord?

The popularity of Discord is such that in a period of three years, it has been able to generate more than 50 million users worldwide, especially the gaming community. The idea in mind of its creators was that it was initially designed for gamers who like to chat through voice or text while enjoying and playing their favorite games like PUBG, Free Fire, etc. The highlighting factor of it becoming so popular among users is that you can actually communicate with your friends and gaming community through voice while you play.

Although it won’t be wrong to say that the majority of its users are specifically gamers, it has also made a position for people with the same interest in a TV show or Cartoon, thereby creating a community of like-minded people.

The best part of the Discord is it lets you fuse or integrate other apps with it as well. You can connect apps like Twitch for gaming substance and stuff. Apart from this the users even get options to connect their favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Reason behind Discord users getting banned

If you are looking for a solution for ‘how to unban someone on Discord’ then it can be stated that the person or user is banned because of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Violating Discord’s Terms of Service
  • Suspicious IP address
  • Spamming
  • Trolling
  • Being abusive or disrespectful

If you are associated with any activity that is mentioned above, it is very common to get banned from either a server or a platform.

A server on Discord is just like a group in WhatsApp where an admin can remove a certain participant likewise in Discord a server ban will be done by a specific server’s administrator. You can still use the Discord but on the server from which you are blocked.

There are times when a user violates the terms and policy then a ban is imposed by Discord directly, and it won’t be possible to get back on the Discord server whatsoever. A temporary warning or disclaimer is issued to the user before actually deleting the Discord account of any user. Discord usually provides a brief time by imposing a temporary ban on the user’s Discord account so that if the user wants to get the issue resolved it can be done meanwhile.

How to unban someone on Discord server?

If the IP of a user is banned by the Discord server then one way is by using any VPN and log back in the account by just changing or jumping your IP.

Using VPN to bypass Discord IP

To go with this process you need to delete the Discord app once along with all the data and cache associated with it. Install a VPN on your device and then reinstall the Discord app and try to log back in. It should work just fine and you easily bypass an IP ban.

Set up a new account

Creating a new account can also help a person to get back to the Discord server but there is one catch, that if your IP is banned you must install a VPN to login from another IP on the Discord server as it will not let you in if you are using the same banned IP otherwise.

However, if the user is only banned from a server of an individual administrator, creating a new account can be a way of unbanning from that particular server. Keep in mind to not use the same email address used for creating the account previously which got banned by any administrator as it may lead to the ban on the current ID as well. Choose a very different username for the profile you want to create on Discord as it may raise suspicion if you are going to use the same username as previous.

Customer Support on Discord Server ban

The user can easily connect to the customer support or server administrator of Discord to get themselves unbanned by explaining the concern and can retrieve their lost account with their help. This sometimes proves to be the best method to get your account live back again.

Try different Wi-Fi or Mobile Network

Sometimes an IP is banned due to suspicious IP flagged, all you need to do is switch to a different network and install the Discord again and start log in to get back to the desired account in no time.

Unblocking Discord on Windows (VPN)

  1. The first step that needs to be done is uninstalling the Discord app from the system and simultaneously installing the VPN application to change the IP while logging in to Discord servers to avoid any hindrance.
  2. Now open the VPN app and connect to a VPN server to have a new IP address.
  3. Now install the Discord app.
  4. Create a new account using a different email ID and a different username other than the previously used username to avoid any suspicion.
  5. Now you will be able to login to the same server with a new account without any hassle.

Unblocking Discord on Mac (VPN)

The process is somewhat similar to the one that is being employed on the windows you first need to delete the Discord app and install a desired VPN to change your IP address. When the VPN is installed, connect it the a server and reinstall the Discord app. Launch the Discord app on the VPN connected and create a new account using a different Email ID and a different username to avoid any suspicion. Once the account is created you can simply login to the desired Discord server.


How to unban any Discord account?

There are two methods to unban a Discord account. If you are the administrator of a Discord server you can simply tap the user account of the b=person who is banned and tap settings, there you will find the ban option, tap on it and unban. If you want to retrieve your personal Discord account which is banned by the Discord server themselves, you always contact customer support or server administrator.

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What is the duration of Discord server ban?

It totally depends on the administrator to decide the duration of the server ban and it is up to their jurisdiction to either ban or unban any Discord account from the server to. 

Can IP addresses be banned from Discord server?

Yes, It is completely normal and a prevalent practice that Discord can ban IP Addresses. To overcome this problem or issue you need to use a VPN to bypass any IP server ban imposed by Discord. Just get a VPN and login with your account, there will be no ban.