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Which is more complicated: naming your child or picking up a name for your website

Sure both of these are pretty complicated. But when it comes to choosing a new name for your new website, it can be pretty difficult. So, while naming your digital baby, it has to be completely unique. So repetitions are allowed here.

Then, what makes a good domain name? 

Normally speaking, you will want something brandable, memorable, as well as simple for people to pronounce & type. This is also smart to avoid anything overly specific or too long. By following some of the guidelines, you will be able to search domain names for websites that help to drive more traffic in no time. 

Well, in today’s guide, we will explain why your domain name matters & give you 11 essential factors to consider while making this decision. We will also discuss the most reliable and convenient places to register a domain. So, let’s get started!

Why Your Domain Name Matters

Your domain name is as important as your business name as your logo or brand. Even if you have nailed your branding in all other respects, if there is something about the domain name that puts the potential clients off, they will possibly go elsewhere.

However, the opposite thing is actually true as well. If your web address is correct & as fun to say as it is to employ, people will be pretty eager to go through it & share it. As we all are aware of the fact that first impressions always matter, & at times your domain is the very first experience people will have of your business. 

So, it’s also not simple and straightforward to change your domain name after your website is online. Of course you can do this, however, It can be time-consuming & does have consequences. So always keep in mind that this can lead to a loss of traffic and unnecessary downtime. In other words, life will be a lot easier if you take your time now and come up with a name you love.

Top 11 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

As with the large business decisions, you will find lots of opinions about how to choose the correct domain name. And to make it simple and straightforward, let’s check out eleven key points that need to be considered.

Select Your Top-Level Domain Extension Carefully

A Top Level Domain which is so known as TLD is the piece of your domain that actually comes very next to the website’s name. And the most prevalent TLDs are .net, .com, & .org.

So, there are a number of newer TLD options available, however it is generally the best to keep it old school & stick to the .com if possible. Well, it has been around pretty  long & is the most famous, therefore people are quite familiar with it.

Of course, it is possible you won’t be able to secure a domain name with a .com TLD as the majority are already taken. But, it is not the end of the world for sure if you have to use other options.

Include Keywords Strategically

Well, keywords are not only important for content. And search engines employ your domain name to understand what your website is about & assist understand search rankings. Therefore, it is pretty important to incorporate keywords where possible. 

And the keywords you select for your domain name needs to be relevant to your site. And it is much more essential to represent your content perfectly than to add keywords for their own sake. So, if you are stuck for ideas anyways, you can provide Google Keyword Planner a try.

It is a free tool that allows you to explore the  keywords by search volume along with the other aspects to recognise the terms people usually use. Do not get too carried away, though. Employing too many keywords, specifically the most famous ones, can make your website look boring & perhaps even a little unreliable.

Ensure Your Domain Is Simple to Pronounce & Spell

You possibly desire your domain name to be memorable. But, if you are thinking of going the Elon Musk baby-naming route, then we definitely recommend not. No matter how cool it seems spelled out, there’ll come a time when you will have to provide someone your site or email address verbally.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. What’s more, it only works when people can pronounce your domain. It also makes the name pretty simple and straightforward to remember, enhancing the odds that people will check & pass the site along to their networks.

Avoid Hyphens

Well, using hyphens might look like a creative approach in order to get the domain name you desire. However, unfortunately, they are pretty difficult to express verbally. In fact, they also make the domain more complicated to type. Certain people will possibly forget about them properly & end up on someone else’s site.

Usually, when you are brainstorming domain name thoughts, attempt to avoid anything that is not a letter. It incorporates replacing letters with numbers. And such kinds of touches make the name a lot simpler for people to mistype & misremember.

Avoid employing Doubled Letters

Using doubled letters in a domain name is practically asking for typos. Doubled letters are hard to read and even harder to type correctly.

If mistakes happen often enough, you might end up with someone typosquatting & stealing your traffic. Moreover, having to spend even a few seconds longer than necessary attempting to explore how to spell your domain is an undesired distraction.

Keep Your Domain Name Short

There are a number of reasons short domain names work really nice. The very first thing, shorter names are pretty simple and straightforward to remember as well as type. Thus, they’re really beneficial for branding purposes.

Plusl, an overly long domain name is yet another approach to seem suspicious. If you do not use too many keywords & make your name simple to pronounce, alternatively, your domain will possibly be short, naturally.

Try to be Unique and Brandable

A unique domain name can assist your business stand out & possibly aid you to avoid legal trouble. And it can also contribute to your marketing efforts, therefore, you will desire it to be brandable. 

Choose a Domain Name That is Flexible

Your domain name is the place where you don’t desire to paint yourself into a box. Wland while you need to be specific enough for attracting an audience, you do not desire to be so precise that there is no room for your site to grow. 

But, if you decide to write about other art forms too, you might be stuck with the right domain name. Therefore, it is smart to consider upfront how your business or website might expand over time.

Do Your Domain Name Research

When you have narrowed your research down to some candidates, & you will be able to use a research tool for determining if it is available.

But, not because the domain name is available does not mean someone else does not have the right claim to it. So, to be safe, you will desire to perform a trademark search before you make your choice.

This is also best to ensure that you can secure proper social media handles. But, if you can not get the exact match, try locating something that makes sense with the domain name.

Do not Get Analysis Paralysis

Possibilities are that if you desire a domain name, someone else possibly desires it as well. And if you are confirmed about your choice, move ahead & purchase the domain.

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And this is specially recommended if it’s reasonably budget-friendly. Moreover, if you come with something better later on, & you can allow the registration to lapse. You do not want to end up in a dispute since you did not act in the correct manner.

Protect Your Brand With Several Domains

Ever heard this line: “If a shoe well-fits, purchase it in each color?” And, if the domain name fits, purchase it in each TLD.

It’s a smart strategy in order to apply to social media too. And even if you do not think you will use Twitter, you may desire to grab a good handle if one is available. You will be ready if you ever determine to tweet, & you will prevent anyone else from using that username.

That’s all about How to Pick A New Domain Name for Your Website. For further details regarding how to Book domain name or facing any issues to search domain name for website, let us know! We can help!

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