Netflix error code nw3 6
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What is Netflix error code nw3 6, How to troubleshoot ?

Have you ever experienced Netflix error code nw3 6, which causes you to experience a network error and you find yourself unable to reach the TV shows or movies that you want to watch and enjoy with your family or friends. In this guide you will know the reason behind this error as well as ways to overcome this issue.

What do you mean by ‘Netflix Error Code NW-3-6’?

Whenever a notification of Netflix error code NW-3-6 is showed it is always bundled with a message that says:

‘We’re having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit:’

This error code situation particularly arises when there is a network connectivity issue, and the most common reason for this to happen is that the home network isn’t configured correctly or in a precisely suggested manner, or simply the internet connection is no longer working perfectly.

How to fix or resolve Netflix Error Code NW-3-6?

Are you unable or facing an issue to connect your Netflix to watch any of your favorite shows and movies? Try using the following methods to make it work again.

  • Try restarting the streaming device- It doesn’t matter which streaming platform you are using, whether it is a Roku TV or smart TV. Sometimes just by simply restarting the device you can overcome certain issues because it helps the device to clear the cache for the streaming device and allows you to reconnect your earlier not working Netflix. If there is a need to reset the smart TV box or streaming stick, it cannot be done by just restarting the device, further steps or methods are involved in the process of resetting the device and then setting it back on again. If you’re just restarting a Roku TV, allow 30 seconds to halt before turning it on again in order to streamline the restart process completely and make it actually work for you.
  • Try restarting the network- It is often seen that there is a network problem in the internet connection of the home or office. Wherever the system is installed. It can be a case that the router or modem is not working properly which you’re using for home network or internet connection. Make sure it’s connected to the internet, if you want to stream Netflix on your TV.
  •  Reset your modem or router- If the above mentioned method didn’t resolve your query, the best thing you can do to stream Netflix again is by resetting the home network, which means both your router as well as modem. Around 10-15 minutes are required to fully reset the modem and router, it may sound a bit more time taking but if the connection was not perfect this would make the home network start working again in no time and you can start streaming Netflix again.
  •  Try restoring the connections to default- Sometimes changing a setting in the default connection settings can cause the device to misbehave and not work in the manner it should. There is a slight chance that you might have changed those settings by mistake, so try bringing back the old settings which were there when the modem or router was installed so that you can regain the access to stream Netflix again on the TV.
  • Turn off your VPN- Netflix has a different variety of content for different regions and to avoid any conflict Netflix doesn’t go with a VPN very well. If you are using any kind of VPN try switching it off and you will realize it was your VPN that was creating a ruckus in your streaming plan.
  • Try connecting TV with the modem- If the above plans didn’t work for you and you do realize that it is because of the connection error or slow internet, try connecting your modem directly to the TV as it will directly from an internet connection and will also speed up the connectivity to the Netflix streaming.
  • Get DNS settings verified- Sometimes you do not have a streaming box and you are trying to stream from a gaming console then you might want to verify your DNS settings to actually run the streaming smoothly on your TV to watch Netflix.

Verifying and changing the DNS servers on your router can do wonders.

  1. For PS console: Hover to Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings > Custom and choose Wired Connect or Wi-Fi. Then:
  2. Set IP Address: Automatic
  3. DHCP hostname: No need to set
  4. Set DNS: Automatic
  5. Set MTU: Automatic
  6. Set Proxy Server: Don’t Use
  7. For Xbox console: Go to Settings > System Settings > Network Settings > Network > Configure Network. Then, go to DNS Settings and select Automatic.

You’ll need to restart your gaming device or console for the changes to implement.

Resetting Netflix on a Smart TV

Many times it is observed that it is not the network’s fault but of smart TV. You have already tried resetting your network and have even managed to make it work but you are unable to stream Netflix on TV still then you can reset the Netflix app on your smart TV. Although, it is not an easy task to reset the app.

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The only thing you can do about it is to update the app to the latest version for its smooth working. If you are connected to the internet the app updating process is usually automatically done by your smart TV, but it is suggested to manually check and update the app if it is not working and you are unable to stream, just sign out of Netflix and login back again. It will automatically start looking for an update and if there is a latest version available it will automatically update your Netflix app and you will now be able to stream Netflix to watch your favorite shows and movies.

You can also delete the Netflix app from your TV and again reinstall it to be double sure about the app running on the latest version and it will be a peace of mind that you have tried everything to make it work after fixing Netflix error nw3 6.