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How to Develop a WordPress Website That Works

If you are not the technophile type, the idea of setting up a business website may sound daunting to you. Well, that is perfectly understandable. Back in the old days, you’d have to code every aspect of your website before you could even build one, which means if you did not have the coding ability, you’d be out of luck. Luckily, you live in 2021—a time when content management systems are already available. A time when you can accomplish the once laborious tasks of website development in just one sitting!

When it comes to web development, it is always best to contact an expert team of web designers , which you can check here https://www.whitepeakdigital.com/wordpress-web-design-development/, to help you with your setup. But if you want to try doing it by yourself, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to develop a WordPress website that works:

Pick your domain name and hosting provider

While it is easy to choose just any domain name you can think of, remember that whatever domain name you come up with will become a huge part of your online presence and marketing efforts. Because of that, it is best to choose a name which you think can best represent your business. Think of your domain name as your home address, which web users will search for if they want to locate your business. Your hosting provider, on the other hand, is comparable to your house where all your files are kept. The recent data shows that 455 million websites use WordPress. Since you are setting up a WordPress website, it would be best to choose a hosting provider that offers the WordPress script in its library.You on the other hand are in charge of providing your site with an emergency recovery script.

Install WordPress

To install WordPress, look for the WordPress script in your host account and then click “Install.” It usually takes about 24 hours to have your website installed to your account, so don’t panic if you see that it didn’t install. Once installed, create your primary domain within the platform so web users can see your website when they search you using your provided domain.

Select your theme

One of the many things you will love about WordPress is how it offers a broad range of themes, which you can easily browse and install from your theme library. WordPress offers a default theme once your website has been set up, but you are free to customize your website through the other available themes and templates if you want to spice things up. Choose from its broad range of layouts, colors, fonts, and formatting styles to make your website look as visually appealing as it can be. Also, you may consider using a website builder with its developed and tested site templates. For example, this one.

Create your content

Here comes the most crucial part of developing your WordPress website. When it comes to this step, your priority should be your static pages—the pages that include all the information your visitors need to know about you and your business, including your “About Me” and “Contact” pages. Remember that the content of your website is usually displayed either in the form of posts or pages. Unlike pages which are generally static, posts are dynamic pages and are commonly used for portfolios and blogs. Posts typically position your most recent content at the top of your featured content. Whether you are creating content for your posts or pages, remember to keep it concise for your web visitors to easily understand.