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Best web development services that help you in creation good footers

Typical examples of content web development services posted at the bottom of the page: contacts, navigation, legal information.

Why site footer matters

Accentuates attention

A beautiful, well-designed stylish basement will surely attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, with its help, you can make the right emphasis on certain content.

Provides useful information

Any footer of the site will help to share really useful and important information with visitors. For example, it can be links to specific pages or references to project donors.

Grabs attention

With a stylish, creative basement design, you can finally grab the attention of users. It will become a kind of final chord! You can place a variety of pictures and even other interactive elements in it. Among which there are video clips.

Leads clients

How to do it? Very simple! Place in the basement:

  • contact form
  • real-life company address
  • email address
  • and other information that will push users to the next step – directly contacting your company.

Helps in navigation

If a user has flipped through the home page and bumped into the site’s footer, they probably never found what they were looking for. Help him solve the problem – place links to the main sections of the project in the basement. Such website footer examples are effective.

There are situations when you can really give up the footer. And thus, stand out from the rest. Remove the footer from the home page, but leave it on for everyone else. It will be cool and original.

Minimalistic design

Consider only 2-3 basic footer elements. For example, it can be:

  • company / website logo
  • the icon of the social network in which the official representation is located
  • copyright icon.

Site footer: uniqueness

Now let’s talk about how to make your site footer unique. Be creative, stand out with originality. For example, one of the following options will help you with this:

  • photo of the project team
  • animation
  • video.

Site`s map

If you don’t know what to write in the site footer, put a sitemap in it! Don’t underestimate this element. As profile studies show, a lot of visitors click on it. But even if users do not click there, the sitemap will help in indexing the project and promoting it in search results.

Regular card

It will help build more trust in the company. By integrating the map, you will show what is not hidden behind the design, you will demonstrate to users that you can always be found in a specific place.

Contact Information

Do not understand what to write in the footer of the site? It is recommended to leave all contact information there. Each contact link must be clickable so that you can send an email or message with one click.

Note! Please include your phone number with the country code. This will help search robots identify your region of activity, which will contribute to operational promotion.

Site footer: navigation

Such a basement will be a real “find” for users who are “lost”. They have sunk too far down, but have not figured out how to find what they need. Correctly placed links to the main sections will help visitors to find their way. It is recommended to check the most visited sections or pages.

Call to action

An easy, simple, simple appeal to users will help you. For example, it could be: Leave your phone number and we will call you back within 30 minutes! If there is also a contact form or a news subscription form nearby, this is ideal.

Best web development services

Social networks

The presence of social media icons leading to the official pages of your company will allow you to attract users to communities and groups. Icons make the footer even more visually appealing.