Benefits of video explainer
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Benefits of video explainer

The amount of new information in the world is growing exponentially every day. And in the flow of this information noise, long texts and standard static presentations are less and less quoted among entrepreneurs as high-quality marketing tools for product description. Your target audience simply ignores all this. It wants to understand the main essence of the product, find out why it is needed. The user can see why your product is better than that of competitors and purchase it. By the way, this also includes marketing kits, sales offers, and long landing pages.

What is video explainer

Video explainer is a tool that contains the maximum amount of information about your product. It gives to your client in a minimum amount of time. You have already heard all this: you can clearly and visually present a large amount of information to the viewer. Also  you can talk about technology, advantages, and motivation to purchase a product. While in text form or pictures, this information would not be so effective.

Benefits of video explainers

An explanatory video always performs two functions – it is to attract traffic (PR of a product, company) and increase conversion. This is a kind of marketing (or advertising – whichever you prefer). It’s a universal tool that should both increase the number of leads and raise conversions at different stages of the sales funnel.

Of course, you want to have a presentation of your product, company, service or product. But what’s behind this? Why would you need an explainer beyond this obvious goal?

Increase sales

How can this be achieved with video? Increase traffic, increase the number of repeat sales, increase the conversion from lead to application, increase the conversion rate from the video to the site, increase the average time spent on the site, reduce the percentage of user bounces on the site, increase the depth of site browsing, increase the number of backlinks to the site by distributing the video on the network, increase the number of interested parties in your product (investors, partners, colleagues, competitors, etc.), increase the number of back responses, clicks on links in the letter, increase the number of transitions to a group, blog.

Reduce costs

Reduce the time for communication with the client (by phone, during any other negotiations), reduce the time and money spent on the presentation of the product. The explainer video for startup runs 24 hours a day, reduce the number of refusals anywhere.

Optimize the work of business processes 

Optimize the manager’s work by increasing his free time (no need to answer the same questions), optimize the process of creating and presenting your product (when contacting a video studio), optimizing the training process for employees, colleagues, partners.

But in what situations and under what circumstances is this tool required? It is required when people are faced with something new. Any learning process is always learning something new. The more efficiently you can present this information, the faster you educate your customers, the more sales you will get in the same time frame.

Benefits of video explainer

This is why you can often (but by no means always) expect an increase in conversions from an explainer video. And not necessarily, by the way, site conversions. We have had cases when the explainer also increased the conversion from a request from the site to a closed deal. Because visitors to the new service began to watch the trailer and now asked fewer questions. They have more motivation to register in this service on a paid basis.


Explainer is the main tool for presenting and promoting a new product or startup. The greatest demand is observed in high technologies, the IT industry. Placing such a video on the site will help to increase the duration of the user’s stay on the page, the depth of viewing, the number of links to the site on other resources. Because users are much more likely to share a video than any other format for presenting information.

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