check temperature with iPhone

How to check temperature with iPhone

We do everything on our mobile phones. I will do it! From waking up to counting steps, surfing the web, replying to emails, and paying for coffee, the phone is now an integral extension of our body. Health app. Our health and fitness dashboard. So the legitimate question is to question if the iPhone includes a temperature sensor and if it can be used to measure temperature. The answer is clear: no! The iPhone does not yet offer the possibility to measure skin or ambient temperature, read about iphone thermometer apps.

Does the iPhone have an iPhone thermometer?

Of course, an important factor in measuring temperature is the use of temperature sensors. The iPhone has such technology built in, but the main drawback is that the sensor is inside, not outside. Monitor the temperature of internal components and battery to ensure that your smartphone is working properly, and pause charging if the battery or internal electronics overheat. Sensors are a safety mechanism. Therefore, it is easy to understand that an external sensor is needed to measure the outside air temperature. For the time being, a sensor that does not exist in any iPhone model. Numerous applications. Claim that you can measure the temperature of your location. Yes, it’s all fine print! “At your location” or “current temperature” means the city you live in, not your home or apartment! These applications. Connect to weather services and shift weather forecasts. Not very useful if the cellar wants to know if the final bottle of wine will age comfortably.

Is there any temperature app for iPhone to measure room temperature?

iPhone is ideal for sending and receiving data from a variety of external devices. External smart thermometers are the most reliable and only way to get accurate temperature readings. Some of them connect via Bluetooth or use a WiFi network to notify you of real-time temperature readings at home, even when you’re away. The following are considered reliable and will definitely attract iPhone and iOS users.

Some of them also act as humidity sensors:

Ideal science tempstick

The tempstick may not be the cheapest, but it has done a lot. Made in the USA, it takes only 3 minutes to set up and take full advantage of your current WiFi network and send real-time temperature and humidity data. The device tracks temperatures from 40 ° F to 140 ° F and humidity from 0% to 100%. The Temp Stick is fully battery powered and thanks to its powerful WiFi range, it can be installed in the basement or under a house to check for the potential risk of freezing pipes. The 2xAA battery lasts up to 12 months. Thermometer app. for iPhone acts as a dashboard for checking and tracking changes in temperature over time. Tempsticks are useful for monitoring the temperature of your car or RV, especially if your pet is traveling with you. The only requirement is a connection to a WiFi network. 

Marcell’s Marcell temperature / humidity monitor

The Marcel temperature monitor operates on the principle of tempstick. You can set a temperature alarm and the device will automatically send an alarm notification when the set temperature is reached. Room temperature app. Compatible with iOS devices. The main advantage of battery-powered Marcell is that it includes a cellular chip for connecting to 4G networks. In short, it’s an ideal companion for measuring body temperature on the go. The only downside is that the device requires a monthly subscription to the phone provider in order to connect to the cellular network.

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How to measure body temperature on iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone cannot detect skin temperature without a dedicated external temperature sensor. For accurate readings, it’s best to use a smart thermometer that offers the best of both worlds when paired with a smartphone. Our favorite is to hand over the Kinsa Quickcare thermometer we reviewed earlier. The Kinsa Intelligent Thermometer is a digital thermometer that provides highly accurate temperature measurements and is FDA approved. Kinsa also offers an ear infrared thermometer as an oral quick care that his wife uses daily. Kinsa app. Available at the Apple Store. Connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth and automatically sync your temperature readings. Like the iPhone app, you can use the smart thermometer app to track the onset of illness in your area. Make the most of your mobile phone’s built-in GPS to anonymously create a “fever map”. Kinsa is used on the iPhone, but it works on Android smartphones as well.


During the Covid19 pandemic, we were accustomed to measuring temperature everywhere before entering the gym, restaurants, and even supermarkets. The iPhone or smart watch seems to be the ultimate and most convenient way to read the temperature at any time. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. Some smart watches currently offer the ability to measure body temperature, but the iPhone doesn’t. The best option is still to rely on the smart thermometer and use the iOS companion app to track measurements.

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