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AirPods not charging? Reason & How to troubleshoot online ?

If your AirPods are not charging there could be various reasons for its non-functioning. If the pins are dirty of the Air Pods then it impossible for it to connect with the charging case, any hindrance that is blocking case’s charging port, or simply there is a software issue which is halting the process of charging. It is also found sometimes that a faulty charging case is the reason behind AirPods not charging the way they should.

How to make AirPods start charging again?

There are certain methods which you can use or employ to get your Air Pods start charging again.

Try charging your AirPods again with the charging case 

Although it may sound very vague, but there is a chance you might not have used your charging case after it didn’t charge the last time so you haven’t put your AirPods in their case to charge. In order to be 100% sure, place the AirPods in the charging case and see if the light shows up and you are good to go and you realize that there is nothing wrong with your AirPods and it was just a technical glitch which is working fine now.

airpod wont charge

Making sure that charging pins are in contact when placed in the charging case 

Many a times it happens that an irregular placement of the AirPods in the charging case is the cause of AirPods are not charging. The good thing about the Apple charging case is that when the AirPods are placed in it, the small metallic tip at the bottom of the AirPod makes a sound of magnets being connected and if the snap sound is there, it simply means your AirPod is getting perfectly placed in the charging case. If this is not happening in your case get your charging case replaced but before you go for the replacement always make sure to check if there is anything which is blocking the pins to be connected just fine.

Make sure your AirPods are clean

Many a times it happens that dirty AirPods find it difficult to get attached to the connection points which helps the AirPods to charge as the connection is not made perfectly. Clean the AirPods and then again try to reinsert it and see if it is working now.

Always update your firmware version of AirPods 

It is quite obvious that some issues only arise when the software or firmware is not updated and it causes the AirPods not charging. Check for the latest firmware update option and update it and repeat the steps mentioned above to see if this works for you and this was the fault you have been looking for.

AirPods case not charging

If you’ve already tried the methods mentioned above and it is simply not working for you, then there is very high chance of the problem being in your charging case. To overcome this fault you can apply the below mentioned ways to make your work around

  • Make sure all the connections are working fine 

If your AirPods case is not charging, then it is not very hard to guess that a proper connection is unable to form for its charging and it could be because of the cable not inserted completely or properly allowing the electricity to flow in case wired charging is involved, may be the cable is faulty or in a wear and tear condition, or if you have a wireless charging case then a proper connection is not being made to fulfill the charging requirement. Try removing the cable and reinserting again to see if the light shows up. If the light doesn’t comes up try switching the cable with a new one and see if it resolves the AirPods won’t charging issue.

  • Always check charging status on your iPhone 

If the AirPods case is connected with the charger, just open the lid and bring it close to your phone. By doing so, the status of the AirPods will be displayed on your iPhone. And if there is a lightning bolt showing charge percentage of the AirPods case, it simple means that the case is charging.

  • Always clean your AirPod case 

Make sure that you clean the AirPods including the charging port at the bottom so that the connection is made just perfect. Many a times it has been observed that a dirty charging case is the cause of AirPods won’t charging. 

  • Try resetting the AirPods 

Sometimes doing a complete reset is the only option that works when any gadget or device stops working properly. Just long hold the button behind the charging case with AirPods in it.

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What to do if only one AirPod is charging?

If only one AirPod is charging and the other one isn’t, the situation generally arises if the AirPod is not completely fitted in the charging case. It may be because of any dirt or smudge situated at the bottom, try gently cleaning the end of the AirPod as well as the bottom of the charging case. And then try resetting the AirPods might work in your case and the second AirPod will also start charging again.

Are AirPods charging in a right manner?

In order to determine that your AirPods are charging correctly and in the most right manner, just open the case with the AirPods in it and bring it closer to the iPhone. It will help you to see the battery percentage of the AirPods as well as its case on the mobile’s screen. 

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