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What is Airdrop? How does it work?

AirDrop is a feature in Apple products and operating systems such as iOS, iPadOS and MacOS that lets users of iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to transfer to and fro data like photos, documents, website, videos, notes, etc. wirelessly to other Apple products only.  Just like Google Nearby Share used and employed by people using Android phones as it is a very good and hassle free method to share the data quickly and easily without much effort and get seamless results, read more about what is airdrop and how does it work … 

What is Airdrop and How does it work ?

The basic requirement for Airdrop to function is to initially establish a Wi-Fi connection between two Apple devices, it uses Bluetooth. The condition is very simple both the devices need to be Apple.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi needs to be turned on if you want to use the Airdrop and the maximum distance or range you get to successfully transfer stuff is almost 10 meters between the two devices. The files or data sent via Airdrop are encrypted and a trusted Wi-Fi connection is made which helps to avoid any data theft.

Many a times it happens that you are required to share a file or photo, and if all the devices nearby supports Airdrop function but Airdrop settings could be different like Receiving Off completely, or accept from contacts and receive from everyone. When you try to send something through Airdrop, the other Apple device will receive a notification to either accept or reject it.

The file then gets transferred over the Wi-Fi connection. It is important to note that NFC is not used for the process; every job is done through Wi-Fi to enable superfast transfers. 

How to use Airdrop on Your iPhone and iPad ?

Airdrop use feature can be easily used by making sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on, and no Hotspots are on or working. Always make sure that you’re Airdrop settings are either set for Contacts only or everyone instead of receiving off when receiving any type of data such as photos, files, etc. Also keep in mind that the same settings are there on the receiving Apple device.

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If you have ‘Contacts only’ enabled, the Apple device should have your contact like, email address or mobile number in your contact card for Airdrop to function without any issue. If you are sending the file or receiving the file from a person who is not in your contact simply switch the setting of receiving the data to ‘Everyone’.

How to Airdrop on different Apple products?

If you want to share data such as a file, photo, etc. All you need to do us open the file which you want to share and just touch the share icon. All the Apple devices nearby which are in alignment with your Apple ID will appear and you can start sharing with them by just tapping the Airdrop option. 

To get a list of all nearby Apple devices, just touch the Airdrop option under frequent contacts. The other user will get an option to either ‘Accept or Decline’ the data on the device.

If you are using the same Apple ID it is very unlikely for you to get an Accept or Reject notification when you’re sending data or files from one of your device to the other. It will automatically be transferred to the other one of your devices.

Using Airdrop on MacBook

If you are looking forward to share a file using Airdrop on your MacBook, just select the file which you want to send and click the Share button. 

Hover to Airdrop option from the sharing menu and select the Airdrop recipient from the suggested list box. Launching the Airdrop from finder is also easy; just open the Airdrop from the left-hand bar. Just drag and drop the file onto the recipient or the device in which you want to send the file. 

In case you are receiving files, a notification window will flash on the screen giving you two options of accept and reject. Once you choose accept, the file will automatically get saved in the Downloads folder.

Changing Airdrop settings on Apple products

All Apple products like iPhone, iPad, MacBook there are only three types of settings available: Complete receiving Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone.

If you go with the first setting, you won’t be able to receive any Airdrop notifications. When Contacts Only is selected, all those people who are already in your contacts can send you data through Airdrop. And Everyone is selected, any nearby Apple device can detect your gadget and can send the files to you. 

To change the settings: Open Settings > General > Airdrop > Choose your setting.

To reach these settings from the main screen itself, you can also swipe down the quick settings menu from the top right on any iPhone X or later, to reach the Control Centre. To access the control centre in iPhone 8 and earlier you can drag from the bottom and bring the menu up.

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In the Control Centre, tap the Airdrop option to enable and change the settings instantly.

Which Apple devices support Airdrop?

Every Apple device supports Airdrop feature whether it is an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook. Airdrop is not compatible with Android or Windows devices.