discord screen share not working

Discord Screen Share Not Working : Quick Hacks

Discord screen share not working is one of the most bothersome issues that you can often confront. There are a number of discord users who reported the same problem.

Fortunately, they’ve tackled the issue successfully with the help of reliable fixes! Well, if you are also facing the same issue, then check out the rest of the blog since this blog contains all the best possible hacks to resolve the “discord screen share not working” error!.

Why Discord Screen Share Not Working Issue Occurs?

Various factors can be responsible for the discord screen share not working issue. Deducing the accurate cause can truly aid you to get rid of this bothersome situation faster. Therefore, have a deep look below.

  • Bad or Corrupted Audio Drivers: If the audio driver installed for the discord application gets corrupted or not working in the correct manner, then you may confront this issue.
  • Administrative Access: Generally, discord shares the whole screen with other devices remotely. Therefore, it needs administrative access. Therefore, granting elevated access is really a good option.
  • Application Issue: There can be certain applications that may not tend to work with Discord in the correct manner. And as a result, you will find such an annoying situation.
  • Audio Features in Initial Phase: The audio that is available with the mechanism of screen share is in the primary stage and is unstable. This is also the primary reason behind this issue.

How To Fix Discord Screen Share not Working Issue?

Check out all the solutions properly & then think which one is the best bet for you.

1. Reboot the Device

Well, the very first thing that you require to do is to restart the device when you confront the issue. There are a few programs running in the background that may conflict with the Discord & as a result, you will find this problem.

Therefore, just by restarting the device, you can resolve the problem.

And after doing so, check whether you’re getting a similar problem or not. Otherwise, head over to the next section.

2. Update Discord

Discord developers frequently release updated versions. And it may be possible that a recent update leads you to this problem.

To get rid of this problem, try to update it once again. Simply follow the undermentioned instructions to update the discord & check whether you are confronting a similar issue again or not.

  • Primarily, invoke the Run window by holding the combination keys, the Windows key + R. And, when the run window appears, simply enter ‘%localappdata%’ & hit the OK button.
  • Once you are done with the above step, simply locate the Discord. Then, make sure to double-click on it. Afterward, choose the Update.exe & double-tap on it.
  • Now, you need to wait until the update process gets finished. And when the process gets completed, simply invoke the Discord once again & check whether the discord screen share issue still continues or not.

3. Update the Audio Driver

Generally, Discord screen share not working issue occurs when you’re using an antiquated or corrupted audio driver. So, whenever you find this problem, try to update the audio driver.

Basically, there are 2 approaches to update the audio driver. So, either you can update the driver automatically or manually.

To execute the manual process, you must have basic technical knowledge. Here, you need to find out the exact driver for the sound.

Here, we have shared both manual & automatic processes!.

Update the Driver Manually

In the manual process, initially, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website. Afterward, search for the corresponding driver that is genuinely compatible with your system.

Here, you need to download the driver & install it on your system. Keep in mind, this may take a certain time to finish the process. And when the process gets over, simply check whether the issue gets fixed or not.

Update the driver Automatically

For updating the sound driver automatically, head over to the Device Manage section that is located under the Start menu.

Afterward, make sure to find out the sound driver from the appeared list. Once located, just right-tap on it.

Next, choose the option named ‘Update the Driver’. Once you are done with this instruction, it will then automatically look for the latest version of the driver & begin downloading it.

Once the downloading process gets completed, make sure to install it on your device.

And at last, reboot the device & check whether the issue gets fixed or not.

4. Clear Discord Roaming Data

Discord screen share related issues often occur due to improper account settings or temporary Discord files. 

Thus, removing the Discord roaming data is an efficient resolution to solve this situation.

Thus, follow these instructions!.

  • Initially, you need to exit from the Discord completely. Afterward, head over to the Run dialog box & enter “type %appdata%”. Tap on the Enter button.
  • Here you can easily find the Discord. Once found, right-tap on it & choose the option named “Delete”.
  • Lastly, begin the discord to test the problem.
  • In case, if you find the same issue, then head over to the next section.

5: Disable the Antivirus Temporarily

In case you find that there is no sound while invoking the Discord, then you have to check your antivirus software. As the antivirus software may restrict it to work properly.

Therefore, it is always recommended that when you’re attempting to invoke Discord, disable the antivirus software temporarily.

For performing this instruction, go through the steps mentioned in the section.

  • Primarily, double-tap on the antivirus icon located on the home screen.
  • Once the antivirus software invokes, head over to the  Setting section. There you will see the Turn off the Antivirus option. Therefore, disable using the toggle switch.
  • Once successfully performed, disable the antivirus software, & check the status of the error notification.

6: Reset the Voice Settings on Discord

Discord screen share issues can also appear if the voice settings are not set in the correct manner! To solve this problem, it is necessary to reset the voice setting.

To reset the voice settings, walk through the steps.

  • Primarily, run the Discord on your system & then head over to the Setting section. Next, choose the Voice & Video option & then tap on the “Reset Voice Settings” option.
  • Afterward, hit the OK button. Hopefully, after performing these actions, you can simply hit the problem.

7: Add the program you desire to Share to Discord

To share the screen in Discord, check that the program you share is attached to the Discord. Well, if you find that the program is not attached, then add it on your own.

  • Initially, run the Discord and then the program that you want to share. Next, go to the Setting section.
  • Afterward, head over top the Game Activity tab & then hit the Add button.
  • After performing this instruction, a drop-down menu will come upon the display screen & then choose the program that you desire to share.
  • Now, choose the Add Game section & then enable the toggle switch that is present next to the OVERLAY.

Well, with the help of all these instructions, you will be able to resolve the problem for sure.

In case, if you find the same error, then make sure you uninstall and then reinstall the most modern version of the discord!