Best eSports platform in India
Best eSports platform in India

Best eSports platform in India -Unforgettable Gaming Experiences

Esports is the most popular form of entertainment digitally among users. With the rapid increase in users, these companies in India were trying to expand and decided to make a substantial considerable investment in the gaming sector. 

Entering into a medal-winning league at international tournaments has developed a keen interest in the users. Including the traditional and other forms of gaming styles, the players in this field are being coached, well-mannered by professionals, and paid the desired salary. 

Also, esports has been recognized as a medal-winning event at the Asian Games 2022. The slow growth of this company in India is expecting a massive number of future audiences to love and participate in their tournaments and win prizes.

Now let’s talk about some famous esports companies in India working to populate esports and create awareness among the people with the help of news portals.

Godwin Group

This group has a talented team for making esports popular among young in India. The famous work of this company includes online content for live gaming content from pop culture in India.

The honored personality behind this group is Mr. Akshat Rathee. The business verticals include ESL, Cosplay Genie, and Esports 360.

ESL: Godwin, with the partnership of ESL companies, successfully organized such gaming content in India, which led to fulfilling their desire to attract more users to their platform. Hence their mission was successful, and people invested in their plan.

Esports 360 is the news portal through which this group created awareness among the people about their plans and execution duration.

Gaming monk

Two personalities behind this monk are Abhay Sharma and Ashwin Haryani. This company started as an e-commerce marketplace for games, but with a sudden change, it became an event organizer too. Their most adorable famous works among the people helped them increase their fan following in India at a very significant level.

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They are involved in organing gaming tournaments in India in offline and online modes. Their progress is so rapid that they plan to organize gaming platforms where people can compete against each other, winning prizes and enhancing their gaming skills.

Nazara technology

The CEO of this industry is Sachin Mittersain. The Headquarters of this industry are present in Mumbai. 

Nazara Technology is one of the most prominent esports companies in India, which actively participate in the distribution of top games like the World Cricket Championship, Chotta Bheem Race, and Motu Patlu game. It is one of India’s largest gaming solution companies, which curated the gaming experience by emerging into the market of India, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Latin America. It has invested in other companies like Godwin Gaming and Next Wave Multimedia.

Neon gaming studio

The CEO of this studio is MR. Purvis Kothari.

The Neon gaming studio has planned to organize a successful LAN tournament in 2014, covering multiple titles. They manage various online gaming tournaments in different parts of India, along with the sponsorship teams participating in international games. One famous group representing India in the Paris tournament was Team Overcome. 

Esports Federation of India

The director of this firm is Lokesh Suji. This federation is the sole one in charge of the matters about esports in India. It actively participates in developing the infrastructure for the gaming sector and providing skill development in computer science and character building. They are all set to provide financial help to their special users.

It selects and controls the Indian team for the Asian Games, Olympics, Common Wealth, and other international esports tournaments in collaboration with Indian Olympic Association.

Viacom 18

The CEO of this company is Sudhanshu Vats. This company made the first and most significant successful attempt through their business vertical, Voot, which streamed Dreamhack 2018 Mumbai event and allowed them to upscale their new division in the gaming and esports industry. Headquarters are located in Mumbai.

Team brutality

The founder and CEO of this company are MR. Ankit Panth. The main objective of this company is to be the best performer team in Asia. This team is a central leading team in the CSGO community with many fans following. It is registered with racing gaming squads such as Forza Motor.

Dell has come forward to collaborate with this team and power it all together by offering it popular gaming systems of Alienware.

League of extraordinary gamers

The CEO of this company is Shravanth Reddy. This league in India is one of the best gaming platforms. It sponsors the team for representing India in international tournaments and championships.

It has high-end PCs, the latest graphics cards, and the latest processors to enhance the gamer’s performance. The available PCs are well equipped with a liquid cooling system on a big screen.

Jet synthesis

CEO of this branch is Rajan navani. They have expertise in developing various games and tournaments. Customers have a unique experience through gaming skills and sessions like Sachin Saga Cricket Champions. The user plays Sachin Tendulkar, which allows them to relive some of the classic moments of cricket history. Sachin Saga VR and Sachin Saga Go are other famous games.

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