30 Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2023 [Previewed]

The year 2023 is going to be an exciting period of time for all video game lovers. Brands like Xbox and PlayStation are going to launch their new series of games along with Virtual Reality consoles. The sole intention is to bestow the gamers with a more dynamic and engaging experience. 

This year the technological advancement is going to reach new heights and we are going to experience plenty of mind-boggling games, something that you have been waiting for. This year more than 30 Games will be launched and we cannot wait to play them. 

Here’s a list of the titles we are most anticipated about:


The exact theme of this game is not revealed until now, but we are assuming that it will be quite dynamic after going through the posters and trailers. Most gamers expect it to be an adventurous game with monsters and skateboarding. 

There are many guitar music solos. The set-up looks like this, “On the eve of his first performance, Francis Vendetti battles with the legacy of a dead folk legend and the cosmic wanderings of his imagination”. The Artful Escape will be launched for Xbox One, PS4 and iOS users very soon.


The new version of ANIMAL CROSSING will be released this year entitled NEW HORIZONS. This game is one of a kind as being the first animal crossing game in years. In the NEW HORIZON version, players will create and design cute animals with the help of various Build Tools and other features. 

Even the players will be able to decorate their islands and home with furniture and other objects.


It is a more advanced mimic of the classic game METROID. The AXIOM VERGE 2 is the next and up-to-date version of the 2015 launched AXIOM VERGE which was quite famous among gamers. 

This up-to-date version of the sci-fi game comes with more nuanced features, like more destructive weapons and more powerful villains. It is supposed to be the first launch for the Nintendo Switch.


This game is apt for both dungeon lovers and romanceable gamers. In BOYFRIEND DUNGEON, the players can kill the monsters in the Dungeon which is filled with love potions. 

The players can even enjoy a platonic relationship with a cat. Kitfox Games are developing this and will launch it for PC and Switch.


The biggest and most popular Franchise in the whole world is going to come forth. The favorite and mightiest superheroes will fight against Earth Enemies. The player will also play a major part in defeating the villain. The game is being developed by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics and it is stated to be released this year soon.


The previous version of DOOM ETERNAL was the 2016 released game DOOM and it was purely entertaining for all the action-loving gamers. Hopefully, the new version will be more dynamic in terms of characters, thrill, and settings. DOOM ETERNAL is stated to be released in the month of May this year.

  • CYBERPUNK 2077

The much-anticipated game, CYBERPUNK 2077 with a guest appearance by Keanu Reeves, a soundtrack of Grimes, Run The Jewels and A$AP Rocky and designed by Witcher Studio CD Projekt Red is going to be launched in April 2020. Though there is not much information revealed about this new venture, hopefully, it turns out well.


The remake of the popular game franchise, FINAL FANTASY will launch its newest version in March 2023 for PS4 owners. Moreover, this game is a better version when considering the graphics, voiceovers and even the battles seem like real-time combat. The players will get to play it in a number of episodes which is quite interesting.


The build your own platform series, LittleBigPlanet has collaborated with Media Molecule and now they are developing the game DREAMS together. The main concept of this game is that the player can build anything out of their own imagination and that too in 3D art.


GODS AND MONSTERS is an adventurous game based on Greek Mythology with hints of Zelda. Here the gamers play the roles of God saviors. They fight with dangerous monsters along with exploring dungeons at every step. It is going to be launched for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and SWITCH, in the first half of the year.


The designers behind the world-famous action game series INFAMOUS are now developing the GHOSTS OF TSUSHIMA. It is based on the first Mongol invasion of Japan in the year 1274. 

In this game, the player will get to entitle the role of the last Samurai of island Tsushima. They get to fight against the Mongolian forces who have encaptured the island.  


This HALO is a military science fiction media franchise that came up previously with the HALO 5 edition. The series is based on an interstellar battle that caught every gamer’s attention. But there’s no such news specific news about the HALO INFINITE launch date. However, gamers are expecting a new release which will be better than its previous versions.


The shooter series is launching their new version of the HALF-LIFE  franchise and it is in the VR console mode. In this game, the gamers play the role of Alyx Vance and fight combat against the Combine. There are several modifications in the game such as better hand combat movements and other hand-based interactions like reloading and firing guns.


After the launch of the first edition of KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO in the year 2013, the franchise is now ready to launch its 5th edition with better themes and graphics. It is stated to be released at the beginning of the year. It is going to be compatible with SWITCH, PS4 and Xbox One.


This game will bring back the cruel and deteriorating gaming world where the players will have to quest for vengeance. Unlike its previous version which was released in the year, this new edition promises to be more grueling and violent. 


The biggest fantasy of Marvel lovers is going to be like Iron Man. And this new game IRON MAN VR is going to fulfill all the wishes of a gamer. In this VR console, the players will play the role of the mightiest and strongest superhero, Iron Man. 

You get to customize the look of the dummy with his famous suit and use his destructive gadgets to fight against the Villains. This game will be launched exclusively for PlayStation4 and PSVR in February 2023.


This new Dungeons game is set in various mines where players are on a quest for unlocking the mysterious dungeons, terrifying monsters, and scary traps. It is not quite similar to its original series, but gamers are hoping it to get a better version. 

Moreover, you can play MINECRAFT DUNGEON with 4 players. Developers and game officials have stated that this is going to be released in April this year. It will be supported on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch.


Microsoft is launching the new FLIGHT SIMULATOR game this year and it promises to be a complete package of thrill and excitement for the players. With advanced graphics and high-resolution video, the game is going to create an illusion of being super-realistic. 

The player will be able to fly anywhere in the world with the help of Bing Maps and can even draw live weather reports. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that this game will require high internet speed for a smooth play. MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR will be first launched exclusively on Xbox One.


THE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular game series for the past decade. After much anticipation, its sequel, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: WILD RIFT, will be released this year. 

Although there is not much information about this new edition, we can only hope that it is going to be better and more versatile than its original version. This game will be supported on smartphones and consoles.


Designed by Hato Moa, the creator of the famous subversive pigeon dating sim HATOFUL BOYFRIEND. People are expecting MURDER BY NUMBERS to have a similar tone and influence. 

The game MURDER BY NUMBERS is based on the event that took place in 1996, Los Angeles. Honor Mizrahi was a popular actress on a hit TV detective show. His boss is found dead just after he fires her. Eventually, she begins to find out the real culprit behind this murder mystery. With the help of SCOUT, who was abandoned after a mysterious event took place, she began her search for the real murderer.  

Additionally, you get to solve puzzles, interrogate witnesses and find the truth in this murder mystery game. You can enjoy the game on both the Switch and PC.


Developed by Atlus, this is a popular game franchise where the students are turned into supernatural chastisers. PERSONA will launch its latest edition PERSONA 5 ROYAL later this year. Like its previous versions, this game has some of its original content mixed with certain improved features. Moreover, there are some new additions like extra time for battles, and new battlegrounds, too.


The much-anticipated edition of the original ORI series, the ORI AND THE WILL OF WISPS, will be released in February 2023. It brings back the eponymous forest guardian ORI with more powers and strengths. 

Furthermore, the new sequel has some new additions like a new forest environment and improved settings. The game will be supported on Xbox One and PC.


This game is exclusively made for the Nintendo Home Console users. In this next edition of PERSONA 5, the Phantom thieves will be seen reuniting this summer vacation, a few months after the events that happened in the original game. 

We will see next is that all their plans are ruined by a supernatural villain who is a threat to the city of Tokyo as well. The SCRAMBLE is being co-developed by Omega Force along with P-Studio.


The upcoming sequel of the POKEMON franchise is a spin on the original POKEMON GO that was released in the year 2016 and is considered as one of the most popular mobile games. 

Though we don’t know much about POKEMON SLEEP, gamers are hoping that it is as dynamic and as engaging as its previous version.


Set in a beautiful deserted island full of mysteries and supernatural objects, it is not like the other adventurous games in various aspects. Unlike other adventurous games, it does not involve any violence or action. 

SABLE is a game that requires your undivided attention and concentration while playing it and solving the mysteries. It will be launched on both Xbox One and PC.


It is the more modern version of the original RESIDENT EVIL series with a more dangerous Nemesis monster and even scarier setting. With the success of its previous version RESIDENT EVIL 2, people are now expecting a lot from its sequel. 

The developers have stated that RESIDENT EVIL 3 is going to be launched in the month of April, this year. It will be supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


This is the seventh game in the YAKUZA series, and unlike its previous versions, here we will see a new protagonist. Ichiban Kasuga, the previous Yazuka who spent 18 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. 

He was accused of murder but in reality, someone from his gang committed that crime. After he is released from prison, he completely forgets the incident and begins his quest. This game is exclusively made for PS4 owners.


Dontnod developers are coming with a new franchise TELL ME WHY and the game revolves around the life of its main characters. It is set in a small-town Alaska and the major characters include Tyler, Alyson and a pair of twins. 

TELL ME WHY is an episode-based game where the characters are gradually unfolded as the series continues. The game begins with the story of Tyler who is a trans-man and his struggles as society forbids him. While the twins share their memories of how difficult their childhood was. 

The game will be supported on Xbox One and PC and will be great for all who love suspense and thrill. 


Undoubtedly, SPELUNKY was one of the last decade’s most popular and widely played games. Unlike its original version, SPELUNKY 2 has more dynamic levels and even more mysteries to unravel. Additionally, the game will be compatible with PS4 and PC.


It maintains the same Hacking theme like its original series, the WATCHDOG games. This game shows the time when London’s people suffered because of Brexit.

After viewing the miseries of its people, a revolution was started by the hacker collective DedSec. Moreover, in this sequel, the most interesting aspect is that you can play as many characters as you want.

Furthermore, you can even choose any non-playable character with certain abilities to be a part of the revolutionary team.