The Wait For PUBG Season 6 Is Finally Over

For all those PUBG-heads who just could not wait to jump into the brand new season of PUBG, we have some good news for you. The all-new PUBG Mobile Season 6 is going to be released on March 21, three days right after Season 5 ends on 18th March.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 6 will be available for PUBG Mobile players from 21st onwards. However, for players on Steam, PUBG Season 6 is already available from January 22 itself. And for console players, both with Xbox One and PS4, the new season will be available from January 30th itself.

The new map, vehicles, weapons, changes, etc.

Due to the addition of exciting new content in the game, the update happens to be pretty large. There are going to be new vehicles, weapons, and even a whole new map that is much smaller than the ones we are used to playing in so it is going to be more frantic and exciting.

Let’s dig deeper into the details and see what changes and new features we should be expecting in this new season.

    1.New Map Karakin

PUBG Season 6, added a map called Karakin which is only a 64 Player map. So, the matches will only feature 64 players instead of the regular 99 players. This does not necessarily mean that the game is going to be equally action-packed like on other maps.

However, the game developers say that the map of Karakin is a blend of Miramar and Sanhok, so fans of both maps are expected to like Karakin to a great extent.

   2.The Black Zone

Replacing the traditional storm, this map introduces something called the Black Zone which alters the map layout every time. So, the players don’t exactly know what they are getting into for each match. 

But here’s what we know about this new Black Zone feature: 

  • The Black Zone is known to push the players out of the safety of buildings which players usually take refuge in, whenever there is a Red Zone. So, you have to survive totally out in the open.
  • The map layout is quite random – with both damaged and undamaged towns, compounds and everything in between. Chances are you can always end up in totally flattened spaces where enemies can easily spot you.
  • There will be a real-time change in the buildings and ruins that will evolve and vanish in seconds.
  • The Black Zone will have sirens blowing sometimes. So, if you happen to be inside the purple circle on the minimap during it blows, you have to immediately evacuate the place.

   3.New Moto Glider Vehicle

Yes, that’’s right – Flying Motor Glider Vehicle, which means that mobility now becomes so much easier. You can both ride and fly as these glider bikes are about to enter PUBG for the first time in season 6. They can be found almost as frequently as bikes and are going to be so cool and convenient.

    4.Survivor Pass: Shakedown

Like all seasons, even this season will have an entire Survivor Pass for the players. This will help to unlock the variety of cosmetics it offers for their avatars. But the thing with this Survivor Pass is that you can only get it if you purchase it.

There is a total of 100 tiers along with seasonal contents as well. But, even if you do not wish to buy it, you can still participate in the community challenges for free.

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