How To Get Unlimited Diamonds
How To Get Unlimited Diamonds

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is popular among its users or players for its fantastic character skins and gameplay experience. Every Free Fire player wants to learn tips and hacks to get unlimited free diamonds. With diamonds, the players can buy character skins. 

Are you thinking, why are these character skins so in demand? Because character skins have many other unique abilities to offer than just appearance. Now, you cannot get premium character skins without diamonds. You have to purchase them using diamonds. 

The Garena Free Fire diamonds are the in-game currency that players can use to purchase items in the game. These items will help enhance the overall gameplay of the players. That is the reason why FF diamonds are in demand. 

As a crucial element of the game, players worldwide often look for Free Fire diamond hacks. We know that diamonds are essential to upgrade your gameplay and position. But, they are expensive. So, if you want to learn about different FF diamond tips, follow here. 

What is Free Fire Diamond? 

Diamonds are the most vital and expensive Garena Free Fire element. It is the in-game currency, other than gold coins, to purchase items in the game. The players can buy premium characters, skins, crates, guns, pets, bundles, loot box skins, and more with diamonds. 

Besides serving as in-game currency, FF diamonds also unlock several features for the player. You get access to excellent features like message chat, new characters, actions, and emotions. You can buy fantastic characters like Adam, Laura, Alvaro, Antonio, Luqueta, Clu, DJ Alok, Hayato, Paloma Fafael, etc., using the Garena FF diamonds. 

Exchange the Diamonds at the Free Fire Store to buy any in-game items. It is also possible to get Elite Pass with them. 

Now, FF diamonds are not for free. If you want diamonds, you have to get a top-up. The FF diamond Top-up is accessible only on Free Fire App. Depending on the Top-up value, the quality of diamonds will vary. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to get unlimited FF diamonds in the game. By following the FF diamond tips, you can keep your money in your pocket. 

Best tips or hacks to get Free Fire Diamond 

Below are some helpful and working tips to get unlimited FF diamonds in the game. 

  • Garena Free Fire Membership 
  • Free Fire Diamonds Giveaway
  • Garena Free Fire events
  • Google Play Store Free Promotional Credits or Redeem Code
  • Google Play Opinion Reward
  • FF Redeem Codes
  • Booyah App
  • Free Fire Advance Server
  • Free Fire Airdrop Bundle Offer
  • Free Fire Level-up Pass

Right ahead are the insights on these FF Diamond tips. 

Garena Free Fire Membership 

One of the best and easiest ways to get unlimited FF Diamonds is to use the FF Premium Membership card. Garena FF offers two types of memberships for its players. One is Weekly Membership, and the other is a Monthly Membership Plan. 

If you subscribe to the Weekly Membership Plan, you will get 420 Diamonds in a week. That is 60 free Diamonds every day for a week. But, you will still have to purchase these Memberships, right?  

So, here is how you access these FF Memberships for free. You can get these Premium Memberships by completing online Surveys. You can complete simple tasks on these sites, including Google Task Mate, Crownit, Taskbucks, etc. The money that you get through these surveys can be used to purchase free FF Diamonds. 

  • Launch the “Garena Free Fire” game on your device. 
  • Go to the “Membership” option that you wish to subscribe to and press the “Purchase” button. 
  • After confirming the payment, you will receive your FF Premium Membership. 

Free Fire Diamonds Giveaway

Many popular games nowadays do giveaways. Giveaways are done mainly by pro players who are experts. The pro players hold events or live-stream to do random FF Diamond Giveaways to viewers to complete the assigned tasks. If you are lucky, you get unlimited chances to get unlimited FF diamonds. 

Garena Free Fire events

The game developers often hold different types of in-game Free Fire events. The most exciting thing about participating in these events is getting exclusive rewards, Bundles, and FF Diamond Top-Ups. Even if you do not win any game, you will receive bonuses. 

Google Play Store Free Promotional Credits or Redeem Code

Have you ever purchased anything from Google Play Store? If you have, you might have received some free promo credits. You can use these free promo credits to purchase the FF Diamond Top-Up from the game. 

Here is how you use the Google Play Store credits or code to get unlimited free FF Diamonds:

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone. 
  • Find the “Payments and Subscriptions” tab and click on the “Redeem Gift Code” option.
  • Enter your “Promo code or credit on the prompt. That will convert the code and add money to your Google Play Store wallet. 
  • Now, go to the Garena FF app and choose the in-game item you wish to buy. 
  • Hit the “Continue” button when you get the prompt stating, “Playstore asking for you to make payment.” 
  • Next, open your Chrome Browser and find the “Google Play” icon. 
  • Click on the “Payments Methods” on the PlayStore page. 
  • Select the “Add Payments Methods” option and get a “Redeem Code.”
  • Enter this Redeem Code in the relevant space and hit the “Redeem” button. 

You can now use your Google Play wallet balance to buy a free FF Diamond with your FF ID. 

Google Play Opinion Reward

The Google Play Opinion Reward can give you 25000 free FF Diamonds. It is one of the most sought-after FF diamond hacks. You simply have to answer simple questions or complete some basic tasks to get the rewards. The rewards are in Google Play Store Credits that you will receive in your wallet. 

FF Redeem Codes

With the FF Redeem Codes, you get free FF diamonds without applying any hack. You can find a lot of new and updated FF Redeem Codes every day on various platforms and websites. 

Here is how you can use the FF Redeem Codes to claim free FF Diamonds:

  • First, find reliable and working FF Redeem Codes and copy them. 
  • Now, open the Free Fire game and go to the FF rewards page. 
  • Login to your account on the FF redemption page. 
  • Paste the FF Redeem Code in the relevant box and hit the “Redeem” button. 

Unlimited free FF Diamonds will now be added to your FF account. 

Booyah App

The developers of the Garena Free Fire launched the Booyah App. It is a game streaming platform where users can watch and live-stream their gameplay. They can do so in connection with major streaming platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. There is also a chat option. 

So, how can you get FF Diamonds in this App? When you watch the live FF Tournament, the App gives out rewards. These rewards are more or less free Diamonds. Recently, the App started giving AirDrops to the players. The AirDrops likely contain Characters, Diamonds, Skins, and Crates.

Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server is a method to get free Diamonds simply by playing the FF game. It is a beta server that displays all the new and upcoming features with the latest update to the game. Free Fire enables the players to apply these features to check for any bugs. If you can report the existence of bugs in these unreleased features, you get rewards. 

Reporting bugs with game features and feedback is an easy way to get unlimited free Diamonds and other free stuff. You have to register yourself on the Free Fire Advance Server. The Grand rewards for reporting bugs contain about 1000, 2000, and 3000 Diamonds. So, isn’t it exciting! 

Free Fire Airdrop Bundle Offer

Garena FF often gives its players special Airdrop Bundle offers. These bundles mainly consist of Gun Skins bundle, Emote, and Diamonds available at about 95% off their original price. However, the validity of these offers is time restraint. You can find such offers in the Lobby section of your game. You will see the validity countdown box next to it.

The steps to get unlimited FF Diamonds from the Airdrop Bundles are as below:

  • Open the FF game on your device. 
  • You will be redirected to the Google Play Store In-App Purchase when clicking the “The Diamond TopUp” Offer. 
  • Now, select the mode of payment and continue with the process. 
  • You will be again redirected to the Garena FF main game as the payment is complete.
  • Since your FF Diamond TopUp is successful, they will be credited to your account in some time. 

Free Fire Level-up Pass

The Free Fire Level-Up Pass is another unique in-game offer. You can get this Pass once with your FF ID. That is, one player can get this Level Up Pass only once. The FF Level-Up Pass is expensive. But its rewards are more exciting as it will give your 402% FF Diamonds to your Topup purchase. 

Here is how to purchase the FF Level-Up Pass in the game:

  • Open the Free Fire game and go to the “Membership” tab. 
  • Select the “Level Up Pass” and hit the “Purchase” button. 
  • As the payment is complete, claim your FF Level Up diamond boxes. 
  • The highest amount of Diamonds that you will get from the boxes is 800. 

So, these are the working FF Diamonds tips that you can use. Other than these hacks, FF Diamond Generator tools do not work most of the time and are not legit methods. 

We hope this guide will be helpful to you in earning unlimited Free Fire Diamonds.