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Apple TV Channels : What channels do you get with Apple TV?

The release of the new iOS 12.3 version added a new feature to the Apple TV apps known as the Apple TV Channels. If you use the Apple TV app, you can view the content directly served by Apple in these channels without installing any other apps. Instead, the Apple TV Channels enable third-party service subscriptions through the TV app. 

Supposing that you are an Apple TV user, if you subscribe to different Apple TV Channels, you can enjoy thousands of entertainment with easy accessibility. Along with hundreds of Apple TV channels, there are also some popular add-on channels like Paramount Plus and Showtime that you can subscribe to. 

An Apple TV channel subscription is an all-in-one option for pure and premium access to entertainment and original concepts. To know what Apple TV channels you can get on Apple TV, let us first understand some basics. 

What is Apple TV

If you cut short the definition of Apple TV, you can say that it is an app, a device, and a service provided by Apple. There is only some basic fundamental distinction between them. 

Apple TV as an application is compatible with almost every iOS device and others like Xbox, Windows 10, etc. Apple TV is also available as a single unit device like the DTH box. You have to connect it to a flat TV using an HDMI cable to operate it. And when it comes to the Apple TV+, you can think of it like Netflix. 

What are Apple TV Channels? 

Apple TV Channels are on-demand content services that focus on the users’ choice of niche at a low cost. These channels are not separate services offered by Apple. 

You can watch them within the Apple TV app. Popular streaming service channels come at additional charges. 

The Apple TV users get access to massive content with Apple Tv channel subscriptions. That brought more convenience to the users as they did not have to juggle between different apps. The subscription and removal of TV channels are simplified for iOS devices through a centralised billing system of Apple. You only need to maintain your Apple ID. 

If you wish to subscribe to Apple TV channels, you have to get the Apple TV app first. It is available on Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Besides that, it is also compatible with most smart TV brands and streaming players. 

Channels available on Apple TV

Apple TV Channels have a variety of channels. These include Documentaries, Kids’ channels, Movies, Sports, and other add-on streaming services like Paramount Plus. Like any other entertainment service, Apple TV channels list are categorized under free and premium channels. 

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Popular Free Apple TV channels List:

  • ABC News
  • Daily Motion
  • Flickr
  • Trailers
  • Bloomberg
  • Smithsonian
  • PBS Kids
  • Tastemade
  • Vevo
  • Young Hollywood

Popular Premium Apple TV channels List:

  • Netflix 
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB. TV
  • MLS
  • Willow
  • WWE Network
  • Qello

Popular Apple TV channels add-ons:

  • Apple TV+ (one week trial and $5 per month).
  • Paramount Plus (one week trial and $10 per month).
  • Showtime (one month trial and $11 per month).
  • Starz (one-week trial and $9 per month).
  • AMC Plus (one week trial and $9 per month).
  • Epix (one-week trial and $6 per month).
  • Acorn TV (one week trial and $6 per month).
  • BBC Select (one week trial and $5 per month).
  • ALLBLK (one-week trial and $5 per month).
  • BET Plus (one week trial and $10 per month).
  • UP Faith & Family (one week trial and $5 per month).
  • Tastemade (one week trial and $3 per month).
  • Sundance Now (one week trial and $7 per month).
  • Shudder (one-week trial and $6 per month).
  • Pantaya (one-week trial and $6 per month).
  • OUTtv (one week trial and $3 per month).
  • Cinemax (one week trial and $10 per month).
  • Noggin (one-week trial and $8 per month).
  • Mubi (one-week trial and $11 per month).
  • BritBox (one-week trial and $7 per month). 
  • Lifetime Movie Club (one week trial and $4 per month). 

How to access the Apple TV Channel? 

If you have been an iOS user for a long, this won’t be hard for you. 

  • Go to the Apple TV app on your Apple TV or your iOS device. 
  • Find the “Watch Now” tab. That will display a long list of Channels, 

Some of them having the “Try it Free” option. 

You will see a message prompting approval for in-app purchases with a specified free trial period if you choose this option. You can see the “Try it Free” buttons even while browsing the Channel’s content, i.e., movies and shows. 

Suppose you choose to go for a Channel subscription. If so, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. By clicking, you agree to complete the transaction for the subscription. If you do not want to subscribe, click on the Cancel button. However, if you wish to cancel your subscription later, make it a day before the end of the trial period. 

Does Apple TV+ come as an Apple TV Channel?

Apple TV+ is a separate streaming service offered by Apple. It does not include in the normal list of Apple TV channels. However, you can get it on the Apple TV app as an add-on channel with an extra charge. If you see at the top of the Apple TV app, you can also see a specific Apple TV+ tab. 

Apple TV+ offers a wide range of original series produced by Apple. And it will only cost you $5 per month to access this entertaining Channel. You also get a free one-week trial period before subscribing to the Channel. 


The selection of shows and viewing options are vast on Apple TV. As many Apple TV channels are gaining popularity and subscribers by a lot, it is also updated now and then by Apple. Stay connected here to stay updated on new Apple TV Channels, content, and features. 

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