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What Can You Do With a General Studies Degree?

What is a general studies degree and what careers can it lead to? We explain the answers here along with the key benefits to consider.

Did you know general studies and other humanities degrees increased by 44 percent in the last few years?

If you haven’t declared a major and don’t know what direction to take your career, you’re not alone. Those who want many career options often consider getting a GSD.

Read on to learn about what you can do with a general studies degree.

1. Technical Writer 

If you get a general studies degree, you can make a career as a technical writer. Many companies employ technical writers to write content in a way people can understand.

Most technical writers are responsible for writing project plans, online help, instruction manuals, etc. A career as a technical writer can open more opportunities in the writing field, such as a copywriter.

Because technical writers have to write complex content on various topics, a general studies degree can help them to become self-made, passionate and succeed writer.

2. General Manager

With a general studies major, you can also have a successful career as a general manager. General managers are needed in many places of business, such as retail stores and restaurants. 

General managers are the head of the business, oversee employees, record daily profits, create schedules, make bank deposits, etc. 

Because general managers need to have excellent oral, written, and organizational skills, a GSD is a great place to start. The best part is that you can get your general studies degree online.

3. Executive Assistant

Executive or administrative assistants are organized and have great organizational skills, which is why GSD can help them secure a job in this field. 

Administrative assistants help with secretarial duties that include scheduling meetings, manage calendars, book travel, etc.

Every organization from universities, corporations, schools, and nonprofits employs executive assistants, so this position has plenty of opportunities.

4. Social Worker

If you like to help people and make a difference in people’s lives, you can pursue a career as a social worker with your general studies degree. 

Social workers help people solve and cope with everyday issues in different settings, such as hospitals, child welfare, schools, and mental health clinics.

As a social worker, you will provide your clients with coping strategies, assess situations, and give your clients coping strategies.

5. Nonprofit Program Manager

Earning a general studies degree will also help you get a job as a nonprofit program manager. If you have a passion for the nonprofit circuit and helping people, your GSD can help you get there.

As a nonprofit program manager, you will be responsible for assigning projects, supervising the different teams, and finding new opportunities. You will also have to communicate with current and potential sponsors and donors.

Are You Ready to Pursue a General Studies Degree?

Now that you know about the different career paths you can pursue with your general studies degree, you can decide if this is the right move for you. 

With a GSD , you will pursue a career as a nonprofit manager, technical writer, social worker, and general manager. 

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