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Voice Tweet Messages On Twitter: iOS Gets First Privileges

Nowadays, Twitter is quite popular. It has triggered the use of the social media platform even more along with more exclusive enhancements. Recently, Twitter has stormed the entire globe by revealing a voice tweet message facility. 

But for now, only Apple (iOS) device users will gain the first advantage to use the feature. With the help of the latest iOS and Twitter updates, all the iOS users will be able to avail the facilities. It will help them to get a bit of relief from typing long text messages. 

About the New Feature

The latest feature of Twitter has helped the official application to get an on-screen button for voice recording. It has an elapsed recording time of 2 minutes 20 seconds. Furthermore, it also has a dedicated audio player for listening to the recorded audio.

Along with the video and GIF that already runs in an in-house player, people believe that this was one of the finest and logical steps taken by Twitter. Statistics say if someone hasn’t received this feature, they will eventually get it after the next updates. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Research shows that there are also some advantages as well as disadvantages of this newly launched feature. Hopefully, Twitter will surely shed some light on it. 


  • Your profile picture will be static with a voice recording audio clip. In doing so, people will not only see your picture but also can know whether your profile is real or not by listening to it. 
  • When the first thread of speaking is done, a new voice thread will start after the default speaking time is over. It will not interrupt the flow of voice that you are willing to upload.
  • After changing the profile picture, the concept of fast Auto-refresh will reload the timeline and set the profile picture as well as the voice message. 


  • The audio can only be attached to the original post. The facility of retweeting in anyone’s tweet is not available with this new feature.
  • Whenever the change of profile picture occurs, the attached audio will also get deleted. After that, you have to record new audio with a new profile picture. 

Facing New Challenges 

The new audio tweet feature faces new moderation challenges from the people. Not only that, but it is also very much important to remember the accessibility factor. Now, a question that arises is how will this feature play a role and make easy Twitter easy to use for challenged people? 

According to Twitter, they are in the first phase of testing as well as developing the audio feature. On the other hand, they are still exploring various possibilities to meet all the necessary needs of people who belong to differently-abled, in the future.