MacBook data recovery software

Top 5 Free Software for MacBook Data Recovery

There are many free MacBook data recovery software available all over the internet, but we will be discussing 5 Free MacBook data recovery software with benefits and downsides. This guide is perfect for the people who are looking for a free tool to recover their old lost files.

iBoysoft Data Recovery 

Of all the mentioned softwares in this article, iBoysoft Data Recovery for MacBook Pro works even better than the others. The major reason to rate it as the top MacBook data recovery software is that it will help in data recovery even if the MacBook is not turning on.


– Up to 1 GB free MacBook data recovery

– Support almost every Apple chip 

 -Works even with the M1 chip

 -Non working MacBook HD data recovery

 -Gives preview before the final output

 – Supports APFS, HFS+, FAT32, exFAT file system


-No support for corrupt photo and video

– Not support for NTFS 

– No Smartphone support

Running a test on many hard drives such as WD and Seagate, we can get all files restored on our MacBook Air, including notes, documents, spreadsheets, and music files.

iBoysoft for MacBook Data Recovery software is the best free tool to recover MacBook data, making a synchronization between functionality and user experience. It’s some of the prime features like quick and deep scan, real-time scanning, and preview the output before recovery would make MacBook data recovery much easier even for an ordinary user as well as any professional.

PhotoRec Software

If we are talking about free file recovery software for MacBook, PhotoRec should be on the list despite the fact that it is more convenient for professional users. This free tool is an open source for restoring data, disk formatting, etc.


-Absolutely free

-Powerful technology

-Advanced for even the most corrupted files recovery

-Support all file system


-Non-friendly user command interface

-No support for APFS file system

-Slow and lethargic speed

-No support if you are stuck at any step

The main job of PhotoRec is to recover photo so it is more suitable for people who are professional photographers. But that is not it, this free recovery tool for MacBook still supports a large number of devices, like external hard drives, CD-ROM, Memory cards, and USB drive, etc.

The shortcomings of this tool are that the new Mac operating systems like macOS Big Sur and Catalina are not supported. For people who are not very tech savvy will not like this option very much.

Wondershare Recoverit 

Wondershare Recoverit MacBook Data Recovery tool is free MacBook data recovery software we have reviewed, and it provides decent and satisfying result when talking about recovery of files from MacBook laptops whether it’s a Pro or Air.


-Up to 100 MB free MacBook data recovery

-Works fine with a crashed MacBook

-Advanced video recovery and repair 

-Supports T2 and M1 MacBook

-Preview before giving the final output

-Support almost every MacBook

Support almost every file system


-Not compatible with T2 chip of MacBook 

-No support to NTFS file system

-No premium service

This free tool for MacBook data recovery claims a 96% rate from Mac hard drive and external HDD and over 1000 formats of file recovery. The downside of this tool is that it allows only up to 100 MB of data to be restored for free, which is not enough. But if some little pieces of photos or documents are deleted accidently, this tool is a good solution. 

Stellar Phoenix for MacBook

Another free file recovery tool for MacBook is Stellar Phoenix, which helps in the data recovery of MacBook. It works with every hard disk external or internal, allowing data recovery from MacBook applications such as Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, TextEdit, etc.


-Recovers data even from a non-booting MacBook

-Allows Health Monitoring of the device

-Preview feature is also there

-Support MacOS

-Support every file system


-Only available for data scan 

-No support for T2 chip 

-No support for the new  M1 chip

The main use of Stellar Phoenix tool is to scan and preview lost data. But for recovering data files that are lost from SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, or USB-C portable HDD, the paid version is your tool.

Disk Drill Tool/Software

This is another free MacBook data recovery software for Mac OS X and later. The main use of this tool is to recover, manage, and cleaning, packed with the most useful features & disk tools for all subscribed users.


-Up t 500 MB free data recovery

-Guaranteed Data Recovery

-Preview before the final output

-Supports macOS 11 – OS X 10.5

-Support every file system


-Only data preview is available with the free version

-Does not support T2 chip 

Disk Drill tool for MacBook data recovery is free software to check the lost data, but users have to get the paid version to recover any lost or deleted MacBook data.