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How To Snooze Emails In Gmail For iOS And Android?

Google had redesigned its Gmail and had rolled it out with a new imagination. Along with many other features like confidential mode or Smart reply, it had added Snooze.

The snooze feature in Gmail is gaining popularity as you can use this feature to temporarily remove or postpone emails coming to your inbox in Gmail on your ios and android phone.

Gmail snooze Android

However, the beauty of this feature is you can bring back the postponed emails into action at any time with ease. You can also search your entire emails that were snoozed.

With this snooze feature added by Google for Gmail users via android and ios phones, mobile bugs like us can effortlessly manage our emails.

Must say snoozing feature of the emails is a great tool if you want to take action on the emails in your inbox sometime later which otherwise may have been lost in your overflowing inbox. You have to Build Like a Distributor and Consumer Management Application

The message can be kept hidden by using the snooze option for a time frame as set by you. By simply following few steps you can easily manage the snooze option for your android or ios phone.

Using Snooze In Gmail

Gmail snooze iOS

◊ First, launch the Gmail app on your phone and go to the email you want to snooze so that you can read or take action on that particular snoozed mail at a later time.

◊ Tapping on the menu icon, i.e. the three dots in a row or column on the red bar at the top of Gmail you shall be able to see many options, snooze being one of them. Tap that.

◊ You shall get six options to choose from. Select the appropriate option and action needed by you.

◊ One thing is to be kept in mind by you. If you select Someday from the list of six options provided by Snooze, the email shall remain in Snoozed folder till you bring it back to your inbox.

◊ If you want to bring the snoozed email, you can specifically select the date and time so that it automatically moves to your inbox.

◊ Once tapping the email shall vanish, but often we feel the butterfly in our stomach to read the mail. In that case, we can obviously bring back the mail in our mailbox anytime by snoozing it.

◊ To snooze the email, tap on the three buttons on the red bar of snoozed email, and you will get the snooze option. Tap it to send the mail to the respective folder.

 Thus we see that by taking few steps on the redesigned Gmail, we can easily keep some of the unwanted emails away from our inbox for a certain period of time.

The emails that require being read later or replying later can be kept hidden and brought back so that they do not get lost in the league of other emails. Gmail had provided a smart way to manage our emails.