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5 Upcoming Features of Windows 10 You Must Know in 2020

Microsoft frequently releases updates for its customers to help the PC run in a better way. The last update came in November 2019 and was named 19H2. This update came with several features and mixed small updates. 2020 will be no different for Windows users. Set to release in May 2020, the update will be named 20H1 update and you’ll get 5 excellent Upcoming Features of Microsoft Windows 10 with it. 

Top 5 Features of Microsoft Windows 10 in 2020

As already mentioned, Microsoft has announced that it is going to release the update with a lot of new features included. Here, we have discussed the Upcoming Features of Microsoft Windows 10 that are going to be released in May 2020. Let’s start with the first one.

#1. A New Cortana Experience

In the new update, the first exciting thing that you find is a brand new Cortana experience. Microsoft is going to include some new features in it. When you get the new update, you can type your queries instead of speaking them loudly. Also, you will be able to move around the Cortana panel on your desktop. Cortana will support both dark and light themes in Windows 10 which will have an immersive user experience. Microsoft has also said that the Cortana performance will be enhanced. In this update, you will also find a new speech and language model.

#2. Event Creation from the Calendar Flyout

The next feature of interest, following the 20H1 update, will be the event creation from the Calendar flyout on the taskbar. You just need to open the calendar from the taskbar and then choose the date and time of the event. You can also type something about your event in the description box.

#3. Faster Windows Search

Users always want faster searches in Windows 10 devices. Now, users will experience faster searches in the new update that is to be launched in May 2020. Also, Microsoft is going to add top searches in the web browser such as weather reports, movie recommendations, today in history and many more. 

To access these features, you need to click on the search box and then click on the different search buttons present below the search box. Otherwise, you can type your desired query in the search box and hit the Enter button. You will find your answer related to your queries on the screen within seconds.

#4. Improved Disk Usages for Windows Search

In the previous update which was 19H1, Microsoft included an enhanced search mode in Windows 10, and in 20H1, it will going to add some new features to it. The main things that Windows focuses to improve are issues with disk and CPU usage, performance-related problems in the Windows 10 device and the low perceived value of the indexer.

Along with this, Microsoft also includes a new algorithm that can identify high disk usage. Owing to this, the system will adjust itself when the disk uses it at its peak. Also, it will manage the indexer automatically.

#5. Virtual Desktop Renaming

Following this update, users will be able to rename the virtual desktop. To do that, you need to expand the Task View by clicking on the Task View icon from the Taskbar. You can also do this by using the shortcut key which is Win + Tab key together. After pressing these keys, you need to choose a new desktop and then click on the Desktop Name. And now, you will easily be able to edit the name of the virtual desktop.

There is an alternate way to do this. Simply right-click on the Desktop Thumbnail and then click on the Context menu from the drop-down menu. Now, you can write a new name to the virtual desktop. Then press the OK button.

These are the 5 important Upcoming Features of Microsoft Windows 10 that are to be going to launch in 2020 in the Windows 10 devices. Hopefully, you are looking forward to enjoying these features in your Windows 10 device.

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