B2B e-commerce

Simple guide on How to start your B2B e-commerce project

To understand the opportunities offered to companies by automation technologies for interfirm interaction over the Internet (Business-to-Business or B2B), it is necessary to at least briefly consider the basic principles of building such systems and integrating them with suppliers and customers. The main task of  b2b ecommerce consulting services by Elogic systems is to increase the efficiency of interaction between companies in the market.

B2B corporate systems

 Corporate information systems (ICS) are the core for the creation of B2B e-commerce systems, since it is they who, by automating and optimizing the processes of interaction between departments within the enterprise magento 2 migration services by Elogic, make it possible to effectively organize interaction with suppliers and customers.

 The CIS usually includes the following modules:

  •   Financial management
  •   Production Management
  •   Warehouse stock management
  •   HR management
  •   Supplier relationship management
  •   Customer Relationship Management

 But KIS is not yet a full-fledged B2B e-commerce trading system, although some of its modules can perform a number of functions for the trade and procurement of an enterprise.

 Electronic trading platforms

 Electronic trading platforms are intended for organizing the commercial activities of participating enterprises. According to the principles of creation, B2B e-commerce trading platforms can be divided into three main groups:

 – Independent;

 – Industry;

 – Private.

 As a result, companies entering the B2B e-commerce market typically use a set of different channels of interaction with their customers, suppliers and partners magento 2 migration services by Elogic.

The importance of professionalism

 Building an online retail store in general does not require the creators to have detailed knowledge of the products they sell. They simply trade in goods for which there is a demand. Therefore, they easily change the list of offered goods, introduce new categories. In contrast to retail, in intercompany online trading, product and market knowledge is a prerequisite for success. Experience and knowledge of a specific market are the main barriers to overcome when creating an intercompany trading hub.

Collect team members from different departments

 Internal research

 ‍After forming the core team and setting the goal, begin collecting the results of earlier research within the organization. What does your company already know about a customer or user? In most cases, this data is distributed across departments, and only employees of these departments have access to the data. Taken together, data can be useful to form a holistic view of the current state of affairs.

 ‍Give a task to the team

 ‍You don’t need to search and collect data alone. Give a task to your team. Together, make a list of the questions you’d like to be answered, then send team members to their departments to find relevant information.

The high start-up hurdle, the need for deep industry knowledge, and the high cost of attracting and retaining customers contribute to the achievement of greater profitability and business security compared to retail systems magento 2 migration services by Elogic.

Results visualization

 ‍In itself, a user journey map is a tool that will help you share your research results with others in a fun way. In the final step, you need to use visualization techniques to create a coherent narrative that reflects the user’s experience, pain points, and the ups and downs in their emotional state as they walk through the script. One good solution is to have another workshop with your team at the end.