Real Estate Software

The List of The Best Real Estate Software

Real estate software provides agents with everything from lead generation tools to video editing and expense tracking. Choose the right tools to simplify every sale and improve agent performance. The basic idea behind all these apps is to save realtors time. It’s also an easier way to manage their daily tasks.

For this review, we’ve gathered apps for realtors and real estate agents that will save your time and energy. The applications listed here are mostly companion tools. That means it’s best to use them together for maximum efficiency.

To help you find the best options, we’ve identified the best tools guide and programs for real estate agents.


Freshsales is real estate software. There are dozens and dozens of CRM options on the market, and they all promise to help you close more leads. Choose a custom real estate software that will:

  •     create effective customer interactions, 
  •     help you visualize their journey through the sales process, 
  •     and notify you of consistent follow-up actions every step of the way. 

It will provide sales plan report management, realtor performance control and profit per order and split costs.


With Yaware.Timetracker you will have full control over the work of real estate agency employees at your computer. Timetracker is a great addition to any CRM. It will also help real estate professionals assess how they spend their time each day. Perhaps they spend too much time at the computer unproductively? Better to see it right away and try to fix it.


Trello is a to-do planning service that, with its easy-to-use note taking system, helps you not lose the information you’ve gathered about properties. For example, you create a board where you have separate boards for owners and a separate board for client work.

For owners you create columns: – objects for viewing, viewed, objects negotiated, those thinking about cooperation. Then you collect the list to a column – to view, write the streets and the necessary information. And as you go through each object, you move the card to the right column of the deal stage.

The important thing is that you can:

– add information to the cards at each stage, 

– also watch your productivity 

– and move the objects already “ready for delivery” to the board to offer to the client.

Area Pulse

Area Pulse automates the painstaking work of gathering market data to send to potential current clients. The platform also generates and sends detailed and professional reports to clients. Accustomed to sending clients grainy screenshots from your Excel spreadsheet? Use Area Pulse to send visually appealing and informative market reports with minimal effort.


Getcontact is a mobile app that identifies the number owner. A large base of clients, such as:

Ø owners,

Ø buyers,

Ø tenants

– can sometimes be poorly handled as clients change numbers over time and may call other numbers, or to make a spectacular first greeting in a sale you need to use a name. Useful for realtors who are new to real estate (for orientation) as well as for old-timers to refresh your memory.

Real estate software is a great way to streamline team processes. That’s why it’s important to choose the best tools and use them to streamline your day-to-day work.