Reset Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

How To Reset Google Nest Wi-Fi Router ?

Are you intending to Reset Google Nest Wi-Fi Router ? If yes, then this guide is for you! However, before resetting your Google Nest Wi-Fi router, you should be aware of the fact that this process will eradicate all your recent settings & also remove all the saved credentials as well as data. Also, removed data & credentials are gone forever. Keep reading the rest guide to getting detailed information on how to reset Google Nest Wi-Fi router!

Important Note: If you use the Google Wifi application for handling all your devices, & Factory reset Google Nest Wifi Router or points, then you’ll require to use the Google Home application when you set them up once again! Read more about the required changes to the Google Wifi application!

You may do a factory reset when you actually desire to:

  • Give your point or router to anybody else.
  • Return the device.
  • Eradicate each and every saved data from your point or router.
  • Begin a fresh start from scratch.

Google Wifi & Nest Wifi devices can be reset using:

Google Home app

  • Utilize the Google Home app in order to reset any devices set up in the Google Home application.
  • It will restore the system to factory defaults & erase each and every saved credential as well as data from the Cloud services & Google Home applications.

Google Wifi app

  • Utilize the Google Wifi application for Reset Google Wifi devices as well as OnHub devices that aren’t set up in the Google Home application.
  • It will restore the devices to default settings and eradicate all data from the Cloud services & Google Wifi app.

The factory reset button on your device

  • Utilize the hardware reset button when the device is not accessible in either the Google Wifi applications or Google Home.

Note: The factory reset procedure can take several minutes & sometimes scan even interrupt the internet access. Once the reset process gets completed, you will be required to set up all the devices again.

What actually happens when I factory reset?

Application factory reset (Recommended procedure): This resetting procedure will restore the point or router to the defaults settings. Data & credentials from your Wifi point or router and the Google Wifi app or Google Home app (including recent settings & any details utilized for Cloud services) will be eradicated automatically! In fact, your router will also be detached from the Google Account instantly.

Hardware button factory reset: This procedure will erase each and every saved data as well as information from your point or router but not your cloud or app. And after 6 months, Google will delete the application as well as the cloud data automatically. Therefore, if you desire to erase this data on an immediate basis, factory reset with the application instead.

And even after resetting the hardware, you will find that your device & the network will still show in the app. If you want to erase the device as well as all your previous network from the application, then follow the undermentioned instructions!

Note: If a system is left offline for more than six months, then Google deletes all the cloud data automatically. Therefore, when you plug in your device, you will need to perform the same setup process again.

Factory reset your router & all points with the Google Home application

Resetting the devices from the application will eradicate each and every saved data & setting the Wifi router and point(s), the Google Home app, Cloud services. In fact, this will also eradicate the router as well as Wifi point(s) from your Google Account. To do this, follow the instructions below!

  • Find out & invoke the Google Home application.
  • Choose the option named “Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Under the Wi-Fi settings section, try to locate the “Factory reset network” option.
  • Simply tap on the option and hit the “Ok”.

Keep in mind: The router is one kind of device you initially set up & is connected to the modem. For resetting just your router (the one attached to your modem), check out the instructions to reset your point or router with the factory reset button.

Factory reset your point with the Google Home application

If you wanna reset a WiFi device or point from the application, these will eradicate each and every setting as well as data from Cloud services, your point, as well as the Google Home app. This procedure will also eradicate that Wifi device from the Google Account.

  • Initially, you need to locate and open the Google Home app.
  • Tap the name of your point & go towards the “Setting” section
  • Afterward, choose the option named “Factory reset Wifi point”.
  • Lastly, hit the “Factory Reset” button

Factory reset your primary point & other related points with the Google Wifi application

When you are going to reset your Google Wifi points from the Wifi app, these will permanently erase each and every previous setting as well as the data from your Cloud services, Wifi points, & even the Google Wifi app. Plus, this will also eradicate your Wifi point(s) from the Google Account & erase your network from the Google Wifi application.

reset Google Wifi devices

Important: Well, if you are using the Google Wifi app in order to manage your devices, & the whole factory reset procedure, you will require to use the Google Home application when you set them up once again. Check out the major to minor changes to the Google Wifi applications.

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Follow the Factory reset procedure

  • Initially, you need to locate and then invoke the Google Wifi application.
  • Afterward, try to find out the Settings.
  • Once located, hit the “Settings” option in order to open the tab!
  • Directly head over to the Action tab and hit the option named “Network & general”.
  • Now, choose the “Network,” and hit the Wifi point(s).
  • Once you are done with all the above steps, simply tap on the “Factory Reset”. And on the next screen, hit the “Yes” or OK button to confirm the factory resetting procedure!
  • The Wifi point(s) will be shown blue color, then turn into solid blue. Keep in mind the entire procedure will take 10 to 15 minutes. Just remember, you will not be able to add your Wifi point(s) to another network unless the resetting procedure gets completed.
  • When the entire process gets completed, the app will show a notification named “Reset is complete!”


That’s all! This comes to the end of the “Wondering How To Reset Google Nest Wi-Fi Router? Complete Guide!”. Thanks for reading our blog. Hopefully, we have provided a sufficient amount of information so that you will not face any kind of trouble or hassle while resetting the Good Nest WiFi router! For further information, you can visit our official site and get the required information at your convenience!