portable WiFi router

What Is Portable WiFi router & Why You Need It

We are living in a world where having the internet is the most important thing to have a productive day. The lightning speed of 4G or fiber net has made us very impatient and we can’t stand the thought of having a weak connection. This usually happens when we are travelling, as our homes are well equipped with home Wi-Fi setup and the connection is quite strong. In such situations a portable Wi-Fi router comes very handy to not let your work hamper. It might appear very high tech but these little gadgets can connect you to the internet in no time at affordable prices.

What is a portable WiFi router?

A portable Wi-Fi router is just like a normal router (smaller in size as compared to the one installed in your home), but it is not connected to a phone cable, they have a SIM card inside them. A portable Wi-Fi allows you to form your personal hotspot internet connection, practically from anywhere; you can even connect up to ten devices, like smart phones, laptops, tablets or iPad, etc.

How convenient is their usage?

Once charged the device just needs to be switched on and you can start using the internet on multiple devices. Many companies provide the portable Wi-Fi router which is locked, which means you can only use the prescribed carrier services. This in turn sometime proves to be expensive as you are bound to take the internet plan provided by the carrier.  Therefore, It’s advisable to purchase an unlocked portable Wi-Fi router, by doing so you can always use a different SIM if any particular carrier is not doing the job.

How reliable are they?

Portable Wi-Fi routers differ from one brand to another but the main aim of accessing the internet is fulfilled by each one of them present in the market. Most portable Wi-Fi routers can connect up to 10 devices and provide good internet speeds. This portable Wi-Fi router device also has a customized application that will help you to control & manage the router. For people who are always on the move with no access to any stable internet connection, this portable Wi-Fi router will certainly make the difference!

When can I use a portable WiFi router?

A portable Wi-Fi router becomes very useful gadget when you are travelling; you can also use it for home, from a small office to a car parked in the basement. If you are traveling for work purpose you can always stay connected during the journey while you are out and about.  Most portable Wi-Fi routers are little and easy to carry to provide you with even more mobility without losing the power of the internet connection.  

What are the features of portable WiFi router?

There is a large variety of portable Wi-Fi routers available in the market; you can choose one for yourself according to your requirements & following the guide mentioned below:

Size: Based on their capability to connect the devices they can be small and big. 

Function: Some have very basic features such as providing you just the internet access, where some have value added features such as a power bank to charge your smart phones, smart watches, etc. and some can even help you communicate via text messages.

Compatibility: All portable Wi-Fi routers are usually supported by all Wi-Fi devices, you can even plug directly to your laptop or tablet using a Wi-Fi USB.

Price: There are different portable Wi-Fi routers of different costs; if you no other requirement other than to get online when you are travelling going for a cheaper one will work just fine, but if you want to have a heavy usage or looking for faster downloading speeds you should get one with 4G+ speeds.

Speed: There are both portable 4G and 4G+Wi-Fi routers available in the market, with 4G+ being the fastest can be used for heavy usage.

The finest thing about portable Wi-Fi routers is that they won’t let you disconnect from the world when you are travelling. It can be anything from uploading a new pic on Facebook to replying work mails or just finding your way to your destination. These little gadgets are perfect in the times when there is no free Wi-Fi and you are stuck with a smart phone which is not looking very smart without the internet connection.