PUBG MOBILE Erangel 2.0 Previewed: More Rivers, Better Details And New Factions Mode Unveiled

The PUBG MOBILE revealed an updated Erangle map since this game was launched for the players almost 2 years ago. This new map comes up with various latest features along with the new gameplay mode.

In the year, 2019, PUBG MOBILE included various new content to pair with the game in order to offer a smooth gaming experience to the players. Therefore, as 2020 begins, we expect more enjoyable content from the PUBG MOBILE team. 

According to the rumors, the new game will let the players utilize a grappling hook. It will help them go around the map quicker. Along with this feature, plays can also use it for defence purpose.

Moreover, another significant update will be arriving soon. Therefore, it will entertain the old-timers prowling around the domains of PUBG MOBILE.

Erangel 2.0 Update in PUBG MOBILE

All thanks to the latest rumors from PUBG MOBILE streamer Wynnsanity on Youtube, now you have enough knowledge about the update. Hence, you can have some idea regarding the look of PUBG MOBILE’s regular map after installing a few available updates. 

Soon, the PUBG MOBILE will introduce a new Erangel map that will completely support every Operating System. The latest video has shown that the PUBG MOBILE’s Chinese version, also known as Game For Peace (Chinese version), will have the new Erangel update. 

After installing all the available updates, all the players will be able to select an exclusive ability or class. There might be a map of the latest version of Erangel, promoting all the new modifications it will accept.

In the map, players will locate a river that runs through the middle of the map. It also hints a stream heading towards the North and meeting into a lake. But, these places will remain similar to the previous version of the Erangel.

Therefore, for the PUBG MOBILE idealist, the Erangel 2.0 will let the users include vehicles and water bodies while proceeding with the fighting.

There is a bridge that will combine the two halves of the map and will let the players camp together quite usual. Hence, you will get a different texture and better effect that will make the map more useful for the players.

The video also goes on to identify a teaser video consisting of the update that arrives for the  Game For Peace. It displays players running around the map by utilizing the rocket boosters, grappling and shields to fight and secure themselves.

The game is also anticipating to get a unique faction related system. It would also trickle down to PUBG MOBILE within the upcoming months.

What’s even more exciting is that the Erangel 2.0 update will also come up with a melee throw feature. This feature lets the player throw things such as the helmet, pan at their enemies in order to injure them.