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Microsoft’s CEO Looks To A Future Beyond Windows, iOS, And Android

During a private media event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about the biggest business at Microsoft. A reporter asked him how Microsoft’s hardware products will fit into the broader ambitions. 

To this, Nadella asked what people assume to be Microsoft’s biggest hardware business. But, when the answer came as “Xbox”, he rooted for the “Cloud” instead. He explained how Microsoft has been carrying its business from data centers to servers and network stack. 

As the reporter emphasized on the hardware point, Nadella chose to stick to the Cloud. He focuses on how Microsoft adds a couple of hundred million computers annually. So, with the inclusion of Cloud technology, they were thinking in a broader context to serve the customers in a super good way. 

Moreover, Microsoft does not want to define what they have achieved by now. They assure to offer 50 billion endpoints for their customers in the upcoming years. Also, they will frame a strategy to add an extra of 46 billion. 

Microsoft has disclosed the potential one can expect from the rapid growth of IoT (Internet of Things). Besides this, the company has been acquiring companies that are capable of managing cloud-connected devices. 

According to some analysts, there are 22 billion connected devices already. The number will grow to 50 billion by the end of 2020 or 2030. 

What is Going to be the Future of Microsoft?

It was not quite clear how many devices will have access to the Internet. But, Nadella has solved this disagreement by getting Windows and Azure ready for handling these devices. 

According to Nadella, the new Microsoft focuses on Azure and cloud computing. The company is ambitious to create a cross-platform environment for computing devices worldwide. It has been challenging for Microsoft since competitors are interested to exercise control on these billions of Internet-connected devices. In simple words, world leaders are fighting over this potential market but, there has not been a clear sign of a winner yet. 

If required, the software giant will have to partner with these competitors and bring its success. Besides, we have already observed that Microsoft built a partnership with Amazon on Alexa and Cortana integration. 

Similarly, we can remember its partnership with Samsung for Android apps. Moreover, grocery stores have Walmart on tech and Sony will be a part of gaming in the future. Hence, we are going to witness many more partnerships in the upcoming years. 

Changes After Nadella Steered Microsoft

Six years ago, Nadella was nominated as the CEO of Microsoft. Since then, he changed the direction of Microsoft. The difference was evident within one year of having Nadella as the company’s CEO. Microsoft reorganized to expand its Windows division beyond what is reveals to be at present. 

According to Nadella, the Operating System is not everything that matters in reality. He came to this conclusion as Microsoft tied up with Android for the invention of the Surface Duo. According to him, everything moves around the app model and the experience users can enjoy. 

It is a clear indication of how mobile has changed the way we communicate and work. Thus, Microsoft is looking ahead to achieve whatever it can as a software company. This does not mean that Microsoft is going to give up Windows at any time. Nadella added, it means that Windows is not that important as it was before.