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Facebook Creates 1,000 New UK Jobs

Based on recent data, Facebook is going to create more than 1000 roles in London, during the course of this year. Even the Facebook team will take intuitive measures to prevent harmful online content.

The new jobs that Facebook is going to create will be technology-focused and so mass recruitment will take place. The target sectors are going to be Software engineering, product design, and data science as well.

More than 4000 workforces in the UK are going to engage in Facebook in the coming months. All social media firms have been informed to remove all the posts that are related to self-harm and political extremism, also if you are Looking for a job? Check on Jooble

Future Plans

Sheryl Sanberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook has announced that they are searching for new employees from London. She exclaimed that they are expecting that the open internet and artificial intelligence department will gain height after recruiting the young youths on Facebook.

The Team associates of Facebook have been mainly focusing on recruiting through the “Community Integrity” part. The main role of the Community Integrity team is to design tools for the Police post on the platforms of Facebook such as Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

Suicidal Cases

The firm has decided to invest more in the “Policing online contents”
and their concern is going to be more on the suicidal cases. In recent times, they are taking all the suicidal cases seriously after the tragic death of Molly Russel, which has shaken the entire community.

Molly Russel was a 14-year-old teenager who committed suicide in 2017. And her parents claimed that Instagram was partially responsible for her death. Molly’s father said that Instagram has paved the way for her daughter to take such an irrecoverable action.

Terrorist Contents

Facebook has not only taken all the suicidal cases seriously but also investing more in the detection of terrorist contents. They are mainly doing it to remove all the problematic self-harming contents as stated by Mr. Hatch.

The firm had already found and removed more than two million inappropriate posts from Facebook. Recently, on Instagram, the number crossed the 80,000, where and each and every post was associated with harmful social contents, he added further.

He further stated that, if the system gets more developed they will try to get to the core of such hazardous posts. The main aim of the Firms is to ban every single harmful content that will get posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

The Team is also ready to provide help for the users who are going through emotional distress, self-harm and eating disorders, and all because of these social media platforms.