How to use Apple Pay

How to use Apple Pay?

For an iPhone user, Apple Pay may not be a new word. Like any other digital payment mode available today, Apple Pay is a new and contactless payment system for iOS devices. It is a new virtual wallet service that iOS users can avail of for free. For many of the iPhone models, it comes as a built-in feature. 

Since carrying cash at hand every time you go out is a hassle, there are credit and debit cards to replace them. However, today’s date, people do not even want to carry cards around anymore. Since it is the age of digital payments and virtual wallets, this application is a saviour for iPhone users. 

Instead of using cash or cards to purchase something online, you can use this Apple service. Interestingly, it even has the feature to transfer money to your family and friends via the Messages app on the phone. In places where Apple Pay has full authorization, it can also be used as a transit pass while travelling. 

How to set up Apple Pay

If you wonder how to use Apple Pay on your iPhone, this guide might help you. Anyhow, you must check the phone’s compatibility before proceeding to set up the Apple Pay. 

iOS devices that Apple Pay is compatible with can be understood better through the following:

  • iPhone models with Face ID and Touch ID, except iPhone 5S. 
  • A limited version of iPads with Face ID or Touch ID. 
  • Every Apple watch ranges from Series 1. 
  • A few Mac models with quality Touch ID. 

You need to check if you have an iCloud synced Apple ID and debit card or credit card that supports Apple Pay. You must sync your iCloud to your Apple ID before starting the Apple Pay setup process. 

Use Apple Pay on your iPhone. 

The steps to set up or add a card to your Apple Pay on your iPhone are as follows:

  • Launch the Apple Pay wallet or app on your iPhone. 
  • Hit on the “+” button. 
  • Select the option of “Debit or Credit card” under the “Available Cards” section and click on “Continue.”
  • Now, you have to input the card details into the app. You can either take a picture of the card or hold the card under the camera or manually enter the card’s credentials. 
  • After verifying the card details, hit the “Agree” button for the Terms and Conditions. 
  • If there are multiple cards added, make sure to set up a default card.

If you also have an Apple Watch synced to your iPhone, you will get a prompt to enable Apple Pay. Even if you have many iOS devices, add cards to your Apple Pay in iPhone first. The process becomes much more straightforward for other iOS devices later.  

Apple Pay is available in about 60 countries at this point. So, you can find a lot of Apple Pay users these days. We all know how every iOS device provides high security. Likewise, Apple Pay also has two-factor authentication for safety. So, make sure to set up a strong passcode.