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All You Need to Know about the Apple Event 2022 — A Detailed Guide

Apple holds three to four events annually – There’s usually a Spring event in March and the WWDC event in June. Developers unveiled the new iPhone and Apple product release during the September event, and it talked about the latest iPads and Macs during the October event. 

These events are streamed live on Apple’s website. Moreover, you can watch the Apple event on iPhone from their YouTube channel. Did you check out the latest Apple announcement 2022? The developers revealed which Apple products will be released this year. 

Though Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the Apple event iPad Pro, it can be expected that multiple Apple event iPhone might take place in 2022, including WWDC. 

Are you excited about the Apple launch event? Want to know when the Apple event time is? Here we have mentioned the Apple special event of 2022 in order:

When does the Apple Spring Event take place in 2022?

Apple organised a “Peak Performance” event in March to introduce the new products. The renowned developers participated in this Apple March event. 

Do you know what they discussed at this Apple event 2022? The company announced that a third-generation iPhone SE is going to be launched. Apple discussed what the consumers could expect in this improved iPhone SE version. There is going to be an A15 chip in this iOS device. 

Additionally, this iPhone model will get 5G support and new security features. Apple’s new 4.7-inch iPhone looks like iPhone 8. But, the developers made significant improvements to this model.

What did Apple Disclose about the iPhone SE during the Apple March Event 2022?

You can buy this iPhone model using the hardware subscription service. Moreover, Apple is planning to bring back the Touch ID sensor in iPhone SE. This iOS device might have a single-lens rear camera and 4GB of RAM. It is going to be the most affordable device in the iPhone lineup.

Besides, Apple stated that this iPhone offers a water and dust resistance screen. You can record 4K HD videos using this Apple product. The developers also shared the exclusive features of this device at the new Apple event. Apart from a Haptic touch function, the iPhone SE might have improved battery life.

Apple took around three years to update the original iPhone SE model. And, finally, they revealed it at the Apple event iPhone 13. But, the release date of this iPhone model is still unknown. It can be expected that they might uncover that in the next Apple event iPhone.

What else did We get to know from the Apple March Event 2022?

This was the first Apple event iPhone of 2022. The developers showed a video of the fifth-generation iPad Air at the new Apple event, and Apple integrated the high-end M1 processor in this Apple iPad iOS. Additionally, the consumers will get an advanced Mac Mini and Mac Pro this year.

After waiting for two years, Apple is now ready to launch the Mac Studio. They shared the features of this device at the Apple March event 2022. Moreover, the company included the M1 Ultra chip in this new Mac desktop. It can handle the intensive workloads, and Apple debuted a new thermal design in the Mac Studio. 

What are the Expected features of the Mac Studio?

Apple didn’t unveil all the features of this advanced Mac device. However, the Mac Studio is equipped with a 20-core CPU and 64-core GPU. Additionally, you will get 128 GB of RAM and 8TB of solid-state memory. 

The developers highlighted its Thunderbolt 4 ports at the iPhone Apple event. Mac Studio was available for pre-order on March 8, 2022. And, Apple released it on the global market on March 18. Furthermore, a brand-new Studio Display was launched after the new Apple event iPhone 13.

Did Apple hold any Launch Event in April?

There is no such news about the April Apple event iPhone in 2022. But, Apple’s first launch event took place on April 20 last year. The company talked about new iPad Pro models and iMacs at the Apple iPhone 13 event. In the “Spring loaded” event, the developers introduced an updated Apple TV with voice assistant support.

The iPhone Apple event 2021 included the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. They also showed videos of new spring colours for iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. 

You must have heard about Apple’s AirTag. The brand launched Airtag item trackers in the April Apple event iPhone 2021. 

Which Products were Introduced in the iPhone Apple Event 2021?

Apple’s Spring event took place on April 20 last year. It unravelled some information about iOS 14.5 features and Apple silicon-powered iMacs. The Apple iPhone 13 event was broadcasted on YouTube and the Apple TV app. 

Here are the products that Apple shared details about during the event:

A 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Apple is designing a new iPad Pro to improve the user experience. It added a 12.9-inch display where you can stream HD movies. It also claimed to remove the security patches from this device. They also released an 11-inch iPad Pro after the Apple iPhone 13 event.

Both these models are powered by the A14X chip. The 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pros feature the Mini-LED technology. It offers impressive wide-colour gamut performance. Users can adjust the screen brightness by enabling this feature. 

Apple relocated the speaker holes’ position in these products. And, the new iPad Pro models have Thunderbolt support to connect external peripherals. You can also connect compatible monitors and hard drives to these iPad Pro ports.

Apple Pencil 3

You might know “when is the Apple event 2021”. But, did you know Apple first talked about Pencil 3 during this Apple special event? The developers shared the exclusive features of this next-generation Apple pencil. Though, its design is similar to the second-generation version. But, it has a glossy finish and colour tapping tip. 

iPad Mini

We got to know about the iPad Mini 6 from the April Apple event’s live video. The company didn’t make any changes to this new Apple iPad iOS device. It looks quite similar to its predecessor but has thicker bezels and a Touch ID sensor. 

What Happened in the Apple WWDC Keynote 2022?

After the Apple March event, Apple held a keynote event on June 6 2022. The developers made the final WWDC 2022 Apple announcements iPad Pro on June 10, and the Apple event time was approximately 2 hours. Apple introduced new hardware and software products in the Apple announcement 2022. 

Here is a quick overview of WWDC 2022 Apple announcements:

Disclosed about the iOS 16

Apple announced the new iOS 16 features in the Apple event announcement. It’s the company’s next major update for the upcoming iPhones. Apple customised the Lock Screen feature and redesigned the iMessage app. It made improvements to Maps and iPhone Home. 

You might be thinking about what will be new to this iOS update. Well, the new Lock Screen includes a Widget row, which wasn’t there in the earlier iPhone models. Moreover, users can create multiple Lock Screen after switching from iOS 15 to iOS 16. 

This new iPhone software will allow you to hide the notifications. The Live Activity feature will help you keep track of real-time events. Apple unveiled refining the Focus Mode in iOS 16 in the Apple announcements WWDC 2022. Besides, you can now mark messages as unread in iMessage.

Users can directly activate the SharePlay feature from the Message app. The company claimed that the new dictation feature will increase your writing experience. Dictation will automatically add suitable punctuation and emojis to messages. Developers also revealed it during the Apple event announcement

What are the other iOS 16 Features You Can Expect in the New iPhones?

The iOS 16 devices feature Live Text, which lets you add text while recording videos. Apple added new quick actions in this iOS feature. You can now convert the currencies and translate the text using this iPhone feature. Moreover, there are improvements to “Visual Lookup” in iOS 16.

What else did we get to know from the Apple event announcement? The Wallet app is now letting the users share keys via a message. With Apple Pay Later, you can pay for iPhone purchases in four instalments with zero interest. But, this service is only limited to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users. 

The developers are adding more countries and cities to the Apple Map. Users can plan a trip on Mac and send it to any iOS device, including iPhone. You can also include bus stops to the Apple Map using Siri. Tap on the “Transit” feature to know the cost of the journey. 

Apple’s TV app will display information about sports in this new update. The company shared a few more details about this feature at the Apple launch event. The new TV feature will be available to the U.S, UK, and Canadian residents. 

What are the Latest Updates for iOS 16? 

Apple announced the Family Sharing feature in iPhones at the WWDC keynote. And, you can get this feature after installing the iOS 16 update. Now, the users can add up to six members to the iCloud Photos Library. The intelligent sharing suggestions make it easy to automatically add photos. 

During the Apple launch event, the company shared about “Safety Check”. It is a new privacy and security feature for iOS 16 devices. And, you can enable this feature by accessing the Settings app. Users can reset privacy permissions and disable the location sharing option using it. 

The Home app is redesigned in iOS 16 and has a new main tab view. Additionally, you will get different sections for climate and security options. iOS 16 brings major updates to this app to make it more reliable and available to all Apple products. 

When will the iOS 16 Update be Released?

According to the Apple WWDC keynote, the beta version will be available in July. You can check the new features by installing the public beta on iPhones. But, Apple may not release the iOS 16 update before October 2022. It will work on the iPhone 8 and later versions. 

What did Apple Announce about iPadOS 16 Features in Apple WWDC Keynote?

Along with iOS, the iPads will get new advanced features. Apple made a few announcements at this Apple event iPad Pro. The developers preview a new “Freedom app” in the Apple keynote. It works with Apple Pencil and offers a digital canvas to work collaboratively. 

Users can add images, notes, web links and even PDFs in this app. Apple debuts App Windows during the Apple event iPhone 13, and this feature is finally going to be available in the iPadOS 16. The iPads gain access to the Weather app with this new update. Apple introduced a new Lock Screen in the Apple event MacBook Pro

Developers also talked about the Handwriting Straightening app in the Apple keynote. It will be available to the Apple iPad iOS devices with an M1 chip. Moreover, the iPadOS 16 will let the apps use “Storage” as “Virtual RAM on M1 iPads. Apple improved the Files app and added more features to it – Open the Apple Keynote 2022 to check out the latest features.

What are the Apple Announcements WWDC 2022 about MacOS?

Apple also disclosed the latest macOS feature during the WWDC event. The company introduced macOS Ventura at the Apple event 2022. It drops support for older Macs which were released before 2017. The Clock and Weather app was introduced to Mac after this Apple special event.

Moreover, macOS 13 Ventura lets you use the iPhone’s camera as a webcam. It shared a video of the redesigned “System Settings” app in the Apple announcements at WWDC 2022. You can edit the Mac password by installing this new update. Apple stated that some of the macOS Ventura features won’t work in the Intel-powered Macs. 

What Else Can You Get in the New MacOS Update?

Users get to know a few more details about this macOS in the Apple announcement 2022. In the Apple event MacBook Pro, they introduced a new Share Sheet app. The company added QuickTime for the MacBook with an M1 processor. It was discussed at the “Apple conference WWDC Macbook Pro” 2022. 

Apple provided support for popular racing wheels and pedals on macOS Ventura. The developers unveiled the Spotlight app’s design in the Apple announcement 2022. And, USB-C accessories require user permission to run on new Macs. It will reveal more about macOS Ventura features in the next Apple announcement in 2022. 

What are the WWDC 2022 Apple Announcements for WatchOS 9?

Apple made “announcements WWDC 2022” last year. And, it finally reveals the latest watchOS 9 in this upcoming Apple event. The company took an hour of Apple event time to share the new features. In this Apple event iPad Pro, Apple extended its smart watch’s VoIP calling facilities.

The watchOS 9 adds support for tracking medications – developers included a QuickType keyboard in the latest Apple watches. Need to know about the Apple announcement today? The company shared that the users can accept Facetime calls from this gadget. Apple will disclose the exclusive features in the upcoming Apple event.

When is the Next Apple Event iPhone?

The upcoming Apple event will take place in September 2022. But, Apple did not yet reveal the date “when is the next Apple event”. It might be at the end of September. At the Apple conference WWDC MacBook Pro, they talked about the Apple event September . But, Apple didn’t yet share any information about that Apple presentation. 

We got to know from the WWDC Gurman Bloomberg that it will take place on September 20. But, the company didn’t yet confirm “what time is the Apple event”. There are no possible dates for the Apple event in September. Moreover, you won’t be able to get any news about the upcoming Apple event today

Apple may discuss the following products at the Apple event September  :

iPhone 14

Apple holds an annual iPhone-centric event in September. Thus, it can be expected that a new iPhone model is on the way. Apple stated that the iPhone 14 might be released in the Apple event MacBook Pro. These iOS devices might have a 6.1-inch screen and Face ID feature. 

The front-facing camera might be located in the screen’s notch. Other possible features include a faster A16 chip and a titanium frame. Moreover, Apple is planning to add advanced camera features to the iPhone 14 models. The company is working on this device after the “Apple announcements iPad Pro”, but “when is Apple event” in September is yet to be announced.

Apple Watch Series 8

WWDC Gurman Bloomberg first revealed this Apple watch. After the March Apple presentation, they shared a picture of this product. And, the website also mentioned the September Apple event time for this new smartwatch. 

There will be a temperature sending feature in this device, Apple may add a sleep apnea detection feature. More refined features include blood glucose monitoring. It may also help you to measure your blood pressure. The Apple Watch Series 8 might look similar to the previous model. But, these Apple Watches are more advanced and easy to use. 

What is the Upcoming Apple Event iPhone?

The next Apple presentation will take place in October. According to WWDC Gurman Bloomberg, there might be a change, and it might also be held at the end of November. But, Apple did not share “what time is Apple event”. Once Apple announces iPad Pro model launches, it may share “when is the next Apple event”.

You can expect it to happen before the Apple conference’s WWDC event. The company claimed that the next Apple event might be on June 15. But there is no Apple event today. Besides, you will get no information about it on their website. Tap on “Apple Announcement Today” to know “when is Apple event” October. 

Moreover, you can check the previous updates by clicking on “when is the Apple event 2021”. Apple showed a revamped MacBook Air at the Apple event today. According to some users, Apple is working on an AR/VR headset. You can check about this new gadget from the Apple Announcement today page.

You can get an idea about the October launch event if you know “when is the Apple event 2021”. Do you want to know “what time is the Apple event”? Check the Apple website to get more details about the “Apple conferences WWDC MacBook Pro”. Or, follow their social media channels to know “when is Apple event 2023”.