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How to Decide if a Career in Tech SEO is Right for You

Today, there are a range of digital marketing courses available for those interested in working in marketing or tech work. However, you might wonder what the best route to go is if you want to get a job in the industry instead of being a freelancer or starting your own business. There are several things you should know if you are interested in pursuing your career in SEO.

Starting Your Career in SEO

There are several things businesses and marketing agencies look for in candidates for entry-level SEO jobs. It is often a good idea to get a degree in a field such as computer science or marketing, which will set you apart from someone who has only taken a few online courses. The idea of getting your degree might be intimidating, especially if you do not have a plan in place to pay for it. That is why you might want to consider taking out a student loan from a private lender to cover the cost.  That way, you can cover the gap between what scholarships will cover and how much you can afford to pay.

What Else Do Hiring Managers Consider?

Getting a degree will certainly give you a leg up, but there are several other things considered by hiring managers as well when it comes to applying for jobs. For example, the skills you have developed will go a long way toward helping you land that dream job. It is important for you to know the basics of SEO, as well as HTML. Good writing skills are also important, since you will need to create content. These are things a degree will help you develop, but it is still critical to spend time on your own developing these skills.

You might find getting a communications degree teaches you some of the necessary skills, you will need to be able to have intelligent conversations and work with clients. You will need to be able to communicate important aspects to the stakeholders. Besides being able to talk about the individual tasks you are accomplishing, you also need to be able to talk about the big picture and explain the goals clearly.

Relevant Work History

While you are in school, consider getting one or more internships so you can learn more about your line of work. Look for those where you will be working in publications or on a website. Consider positions such as copywriting, editing, marketing, or social media management. Getting experience working on a team will help you stand out from the crowd. 

It can be hard to get experience in a job if you do not already have some experience, but even if you start out with an unpaid internship, you can still gain valuable experience. That way, you can show that you have worked with other people in the world of digital media. You will also show you can arrive at work each day with the ability to complete assignments.

Developing Other Skills

If you are finding it is hard to get an internship, consider developing skills on your own. It is not the same as working on a team, but it will show you can take the initiative to learn on your own. A classroom setting will only show you certain skills, and an entry-level position will only teach you so much. 

If you want to have a successful career in SEO work, you need to show you are a self-starter and willing to take the lead to get things done. You should show that you are curious and that you have taken the time to develop new skills. Consider creating a blog or website on your own and have its focus on one area. 

You can also look into getting different certifications, which will set you apart from other candidates even more so. For example, consider doing SEO trainings or getting certified with well-known SEO tools. At the same time, consider becoming more familiar with thought leaders in the industry. By keeping up with relevant changes, you can educate yourself on the ever-changing industry. When you keep up with the changes, you will show you are willing to learn and that you are highly driven.

Deciding if Digital Marketing is For You

You can prepare yourself all you want for a career in SEO, but if you do not enjoy it, you will not have a very rewarding career. There are several benefits and disadvantages of working in the industry, and that might determine if you want to enter the field. One of the disadvantages is that clients might not have reasonable expectations. Even if you try to guide their expectations and present your progress carefully, you might not be able to work with their expectations if they are not reasonable. 

One of the reasons is because many people do not have the right idea about how SEO works. That means there could be misconceptions about the way the process works. They might not understand why it takes longer than they think it should to get positive results. Still, there are several advantages of working in the industry.

One of the benefits is that it is always changing and there is always something to learn. You don’t have to become overwhelmed at everything there is to know since even SEO experts are still learning along the way. You just need to understand why something matters, but you don’t have to understand how it works. Remember also that seniority might not matter in an SEO position. If you have a new idea to measure and test, you can grow revenue and traffic, even if you do not have much relevant experience.

Sometimes, you get to travel around the world, depending on your position and job responsibilities. You will often make business trips to go to meetings or attend conferences or presentations. During these trips, you might get to interact with other interesting individuals in the industry. This is a great learning experience, since you can often gain new knowledge.