Distinct Methods By Which Google Assistant Can Make You Extra Potent

Google Assistant is an application common in all Android mobile phones to assist you in various daily tasks. All it requires is just a “Hey Google” from your voice to direct it for accomplishing jobs assigned by you.

It is quite shocking to see what an artificial or virtual robot can do with just one command. As common as it has become nowadays, there are several ways by which Google Assistant can make your life pretty easy.

So, clear your voice and grab your mobile phones to note distinct ways Google Assistant can execute your task more practically.

Secure your Appointments

Google Assistant can schedule your appointments in just a fraction of second. All you have to do is assign your calendar the meetings, events, and other details associated with your appointments.

However, on the day of your appointment with just one command like “When is my next appointment”. And, your Google Assistant will tell you about your complete schedule.

Apart from that if you say “Tell me about my day” or “Good Morning”, then also your Google Assistant can provide you information regarding your appointments and the duties you have to perform the entire day.

Make Calls

If you are driving or too lazy to dial a number but want to contact a person, all you have to do is take the help of Google Assistant. Just say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” to activate the Google Assistant.

After that, you can take the contact name along with “work” or “home” signifying the category. If you want to talk to that person on speakerphones, just conclude your request with “on speakerphones”.

With the help of Google Assistant, you can call your loved ones without even touching your phone, making the entire process comparatively easier.

Send Text Messages

You can also text a person without even touching your mobile phone. All you have to do is say “text” following the contact you want to send a text message to. Following that, you can dictate the message to the contact you want to send.

After successfully dictating your text message, just say “send”. Your Google Assistant will immediately send the text message to your selected contact.

This is a pretty easy way to send messages or texts if you are driving or walking. With Google Assistant at your service, calling and texting can become a pretty easy thing.

Set Reminders or Notes

Notwithstanding that, you can set reminder and notes for necessary things just by giving one direction to your Google Assistant. All you have to do is speak to your Google Assistant like  “Remind me to call XYZ” or “ Remind me to check this particular paper” with other details like date and timing.

Hence, with just one command, your Google Assistant will keep this into its memory and remind you regarding the tasks and notes on the assigned date and time. Setting reminders and notes can be pretty easy with Google Assistant.

Turn your Phone to Silent

If at any point of the time, you feel like you want to keep the phone silent, just say “Do Not Disturb”. This will keep your phone silent, with just one command without even touching your phone.

Inclusive of that, you can also turn the phone to the general with the same method as well. With Google Assistant, you can command your phone from anywhere like google home, smart display, etc and even in conditions where your mobile phone is not present in the same location as you.

With Google Assistants, you can perform all the task in a time efficient way without touching your phone and with just one command.

Google Image Search

Apart from that, if at any point of time you need a certain image for any purpose all you have to do is command your Google Assistant. Suppose, you want to search for an image concerning a baby animal. All you have to do is say “ok Google”.

As soon as the application starts, command your assistant by saying “Search Google images for baby animals”. Your google assistant will provide you the top relevant images of baby animals within a fraction of second.

At any point of time, you can search for the category of your favorite images with Google Assistant and enjoy the search results.

Search for your Favorite Hangout Spots and Restaurants

On Friday night you want to spend some quality time with your friends and could not figure out what to do and where to eat? Well, in that case, all you have to do is say “Things to do in my city” to your Google Assistant. And, there will be numerous options from which you can choose.

Apart from that, you can also command your Google Assistant and ask for “Restaurants near me” to get information regarding the restaurants nearby, for a perfect dinner to end your Friday night with friends.

Get the Weather and News Updates 

If you want to get information regarding your daily schedule and the weather, all you have to do is say “Good Morning” to your Google Assistant. And thus, with just one command, it will grant you knowledge concerning the weather updates in your location and how it is going to be the complete day.

Also, with just one “good evening” you can get knowledge concerning the news of the day or the viral topics that are pretty remarkable. Therefore, Google Assistant is an adequate method to get updates regarding additional updates like weather as well as headlines of the day.

Knowledge Regarding Emails

Lastly, if you cannot find your email from the piled up emails of your Gmail Inbox, all you have to do is command your google assistant to show the email by just saying their contact name.

All you have to say is “find my emails from” or “find the emails of” following your contact name, to get the email of them without any confusion or problem. You can do all this process without even touching your phone and just by commanding your Google Assistant using your voice.

Summing up

Google Assitant is a common application present in almost all mobile phones. All you have to do is say “ Ok Google” and command your assistant to do the particular task.

Other than that, you can call or text your contacts, find your favorite spots and restaurants, read the news, and get regular update regarding the weather without any difficulty. Therefore, with all this facility in one command, Google Assistant can help you accomplish all task within less time and live life in a practical way.