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Google My Business: Its More Than Just A Local Listing

With the rise of the Internet, people are going online more than ever for different purposes. It can include searching for different services, places or even finding a good restaurant nearby. 

If you consider Google, its vast services dominate about 80% of those searches. So there is a high chance that your brand, product, or services land on Google My Business listing.

How does Google Work for Businesses?

It lets you manage and customize your business profile and regulates how it appears on Google search through their services. You can reply to any customer feedbacks and keep them up-to-date about a new product launch. 

Listing your store with Google gives you an additional edge over others. As people can find your store more easily and read trustworthy reviews beforehand. 

So, the more visibility and better reviews you get, the more customer it attracts to your page. To outrank your competitors with the help of Google My Business listing, let’s discuss it in detail.

Methods to Improve Your Business With Google Listing

Today, 7 out of 10 people search online for the product they want to purchase. Hence, listing your business with Google can help it appear right when people are searching for it. 

To improve your visibility in the search engines, here’s how to proceed.

1. Use the Booking Feature in Google

If you have reservation-based services, you can use Google My Business booking feature. It lets the customer book an appointment with the available slots automatically. This will allow a user to book a reservation directly from the search page on Google. 

Also, with the application like Google Maps, it will show the customer best route possible to your store. You can also allow the ‘Messaging’ app or ‘Request a quote’ feature to let your customers reach out to you easily.

2. Keep your Business Details Constant

To make your business more visible, make sure to keep your information consistent. Accurate, up-to-date and reliable information concerning your business helps winning customers trust more. So make sure your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) is consistent with the other local citations of your business 

Besides, Google uses the citation of your business to evaluate its online credibility.  Also, proper citations help a business to achieve a higher rank in Google’s search algorithms. So, the higher the rank, the more the chances are of getting your business discovered.

3. Use Google Insights & Post Feature

All businesses need impactful advertisements for targeting potential customers. Proper advertising brings more customers and also helps them to understand your business better.

With the Google Business Post feature, you can boost your brand’s visibility and ranking factor. By keeping your profile active and posting regularly, you can increase the traffic on your site. 

Along with that, you can also use the Google Insight feature. It allows you to find keywords that are not ranking well. Hence, you can use the insight data to change them accordingly and increase your ranking in search results. 

4. Better Reviews

The way we trust anything is by the reviews a product gets. Similarly, the growth of your business will depend upon how better the reviews you have. If the reviews are genuine and positive, more and more people will trust it. 

Besides, Google also reviews a business out of 5 stars. It has been seen by many professionals how the ratings transform their businesses. So, the higher the ratings are, the more traffic your business will get.

Remember, people look at the reviews first while searching for it. This way you make a trust-based bond with your customers before they even visit your store. So make sure to have good reviews, as a single bad comment can lead to losing the customers.

Google lets users review your store once they visit the site. So, you must aim for more and better reviews than all your competitors.

5. Join with Other Local Business

The best way to grow a business is by getting acknowledgment from your competitor. With Google Business, you can collaborate with other local shops or businesses in your domain to get referrals from them.

Moreover, collaborating with other businesses complimenting your brand is a great strategy to make it popular in the local space.

6. Make it More Visually Appealing

Reviews will help customers to develop trust in your business. But adding photos and giving some insights into your business will help reach out to even a broader customer base. According to a survey, it’s noted that posting more photos can increase traffic in a business.

In Google Post feature, you can use videos, photos, and stories so people can bond with your business. Especially if you want to attract people with your ambiance, then post photos that would attract them. Try to use it in a way that will promote your brand image and overall value.

In this competitive era, making it to the top may sound a bit difficult. But with the local listing, you can manage your business profile better and reach the first page of Google listing. Recently Google optimizes its search page so people can find content related to what they search for.

This is why prioritizing your Google My Business listing is worth more than what you think. It can increase or double your sales and improve online visibility.