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Google Inbox Emails Can Be Spoofed To Fake The Recipient

Now the new update of Google Gmail is announced and here we come with the latest updates and important for the users. First of all the new email functions are so much helpful for the users and they can easily avoid the spam messages with these services.

You must aware from the fake clicks and spam messages that are offering you some amazing information and gift with just one click because these clicks are totally fake and they are only generating the traffic on their website.

With the new redesign, Google Gmail Feature you can easily get rid of the Cyber Attackers that want to access your email account for collecting the important personal and professional information.

Google Add Security Feature In New Gmail

The main problem of spam and the cyber attacker was found in May 2017 and that’s why Google is working from last seven to eight months for assuring the safety of the users.

Now Google comes with the latest re-design Gmail for the users through which they can easily get the security feature in their account. Generally, some cyber attackers are generating the link and content of the email to sending to millions of users Gmail account.

These links are always working on the fake principles and that’s why they are working as the cyber attackers. With this Spam Messages, Your inbox may always full.

Now you can filter your inbox by difference between the important messages.

Filter Spam Messages

Mailto Links are always used to automatically generate the content of an email to secure users sometime. We use Mail to Link on the top page to give it user-friendly way to the users, and this is working as a tip.

Gmail security

Email Users such as Gmail are imagined to parse these spam links and build the re-compose mail in the draft section.  With the rising technology, Google is inventing new features in their Gmail for the users.

In the past time, people are complaining so much about the features of Gmail, and that’s why Google wants to make the new revolution in Gmail Application.

The Concept Of Mailto

Eli Grey discover that you can now contrast a Mailto Link to spoof the receive email recipient in Google Gmail Inbox. Therefore we can say that that with the Draft Email you are also sending an email to any email address.

Gmail phishing

It is also sending to too many different emails address at one time. This is one and only through which you can inspect the Mailto Link or drafted “TO” filed before sending your email to any account.

Let us take an example suppose Mailto Link will place [email protected] in the “TO” Section of the box but if you really want to send an email here then you can instantly go to [email protected] because we already know that this is not the real email address.

This problem will never affect to your Gmail or Outlook Account and you can easily use these services without taking worry or panic.