5 Different Types Of Plastic Storage Drawers

Essentially everyone knows what a plastic storage drawer is by sight. What is less commonly recognised is the great diversity of plastic storage drawers out there. With a greater understanding of the wide range of plastic storage drawers that are out there, it’s possible to gain a greater understanding of which plastic storage drawer precisely can best suit particular storage needs at a particular time. That’s why now is a great time to look in-depth at 5 different types of plastic storage drawers.

1-Plastic Storage Drawers- Naturally it’s fitting an article discussing plastic storage drawers starts off its list with the products that officially fall under this category. While in actuality a number of plastic storage boxes commonly fall under this category and are named drawers, when speaking about this type of plastic storage product specifically, it does indeed mean goods that have an open and closing function akin to a regular drawer found in a cupboard or wardrobe.

2- Plastic Storage Boxes- Plastic storage boxes will often have a lid, but will not have a slide out component like drawers. This is how the distinction between drawers and boxes – even though both may commonly be referred to in regular use as plastic storage boxes – can be understood.

3-Plastic Cupboards-Plastic cupboards are distinct from other entities on this list as they typically allow a user to access the stored goods by utilising a door that opens directly outwards. This can make it easier to access certain goods that would be tedious to lift out of drawers.

4-Plastic Baskets-This storage product differentiates itself as it will often come without a lid, making access to goods super easy.

5-Plastic Storage Bin-This plastic storage device takes the shape of a classic trash bin, except it does not need to be used for garbage. Instead, it can be very useful for quickly throwing in loose goods such as clothing or miscellaneous parts.

Keep In Mind the Capacity to Mix and Match

Ideally a specific type of plastic storage drawer will provide the perfect storage solution full stop. Yet in certain instances sometimes it won’t be a case of ‘one size fits all’ – and it’s important to remember this is totally OK. Mixing and matching of plastic storage drawers to achieve an ideal storage solution is common. This can require a little more time in the browsing stage to find a couple of different types of plastic storage drawers that’ll meet current needs – and especially because taking a little time to see if some have interoperability (like the capacity to be stacked on one another) – but can most certainly result in an excellent outcome at the end.

Conclusion Now that there’s a greater understanding of the different types of plastic storage drawers available out there on the market, it’s really quite essential that we ensure that information is stored away! So to recap, remember these are 5 different types of plastic storage drawers.

All of them are great, but each of them offer some unique advantages. In addition to recalling these different drawers, it’s worthwhile to remember too it’s totally fine to mix and match if looking for some storage solutions, but unable to find a plastic storage drawer that meets all needs – in such a circumstance opting for two (or more) different types of plastic storage drawers is common, and an approach that has solved the storage challenges successfully of many businesses prior.

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