VPN on iPhone: What it is & Why do You need it?

Your iPhone can offer you an optimal level of security. But, it is never a bad idea to enhance your device’s security further by using a VPN on your iPhone, especially due to the increasing cybersecurity threats.

Luckily, security measures for privacy are evolving along with the threats to it. And, a VPN is one of the best ways currently to protect your privacy.

There are many viable VPN apps available for iPhones. Many of them are cross-platform as well, which means you can also use them on Android.

Keep reading to know why you need VPN on iPhone and how it would help you.

What is a VPN and How does it work?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a program made to protect your network from hackers. You must enable it before connecting to the internet. It will then change your device’s IP address to hide the real one from cyber criminals.

You can also use a VPN to get through censorship imposed by the government. And, that will help you access websites that are blocked in your region.

Using a VPN is usually not against the law in case you are wondering. But, you might want to make sure if it is legal based on the place where you live.

How exactly does a VPN work? It encrypts the connection between your device and the internet. By doing that, it blocks unauthorised devices from accessing your private data. As a result, a VPN on iPhone can often protect your device from cyber-attacks. It also prevents people from tracking your device’s location.

Do You need a VPN on Your iPhone?

A large number of Android and Windows users have started using VPNs regularly. But, there might not be as many VPN users compared to Apple device users. And, that is mainly because Apple devices are more secure than others.

However, that does not mean they are entirely safe from cybersecurity threats. You might want to add extra protection to your device’s online traffic. And, that is where a VPN can be quite helpful to you.

Reasons to Get a VPN on iPhone

There are various reasons to download a VPN app on your iPhone. And, you must make sure to get the one that best suits your needs. As for the reasons to install a VPN, here are some of the main ones worth considering:

1. To Protect Your Data Privacy

This is one of the biggest reasons to install a VPN, as we have seen. You might not have a reason to worry about your online privacy. But, your device might have private data, and people might often try to access them for malicious purposes. Also, online platforms are sometimes known to sell data collected from visitors to advertisers.

Thus, you must secure your data even if you have nothing to hide. A VPN on your iPhone will encrypt your data while you are online and keep them safe. All you need to do is find a reliable app for this task.

2. To Ensure Cyber security While using Public Networks

Do you connect to public WiFi networks often? If yes, you might be putting your device at risk. Public networks often contain malware, after all. Hackers commonly use them to breach devices connected to the network.

Your iPhone might have enough protection measures against such attempts. But, you can strengthen your device’s cybersecurity further by using a VPN. So, that is yet another good reason to use a VPN on iPhone.

3. To Use Your Home IP Address While Travelling

People who have to travel abroad quite often might find VPN quite useful. Especially so, if they want to browse the internet with their home IP address while travelling. As mentioned earlier, VPNs can change your device’s IP address. And, you can use them to get an address for your home region.

Some of the places you travel to might have severe restrictions and censorship on the internet. VPNs can come to your aid in such a situation as well. You can use them to make it look like you are browsing the web from another country. So, this is yet another big reason to use a VPN on iPhone.

How to Set Up a VPN Network on Your iPhone?

You can get a VPN app on your iPhone or set up a VPN network using your router. In the latter case, you need to use a VPN router. So it might not be a viable method for all router users. But you can get a VPN app on all mobile and computer devices. You must go to the App Store on your iPhone to download and install a VPN.

Do you have a specific app in mind? If yes, enter its name in the App Store to find it. Otherwise, you must simply search ‘VPN’ and choose the best one among the results. Click on the Download button and launch the app once the download is complete.

The setup procedure is pretty much the same on all VPN apps. You need to sign up and then, agree to the terms and conditions. You must choose a region for which you want an IP address. Once you have set up a VPN on iPhone, connect to the network.

Setting Up a VPN Network on Your Router

Do you have a VPN router? If yes, then you can set up a VPN network to protect all connected devices. However, this cannot protect the connected devices from each other.

So, one device in the network can pass on malware to the other connected devices. Other than that, setting up a VPN network on routers is effective in protecting all devices at once.

You need to access your router’s interface to set up a VPN network on it. So, enter your router’s default IP address in your browser to open its login page. Then, use the admin credentials to access its web management interface. Navigate to the VPN feature and enable it to encrypt your WiFi network.

Advantages of Using a VPN on iPhone

As you probably know by now, there are many advantages that a VPN offers you. However, there are some disadvantages too as we shall see.

Here are some of the main advantages you get by using VPNs:

1. It Protects Your Data

The main reason for using a VPN is to protect your private data. And, a reliable VPN can help you do that very effectively. Moreover, you can find paid as well as free-to-use VPNs in the app store. The paid ones offer reliable data protection at a very reasonable cost.

2. Hides Your Identity Online

Do you want to hide your identity while surfing the internet? Then, a VPN is your best bet for doing so. It can effectively hide your online identity by changing your IP address. VPNs also help in hiding your identity by protecting your data.

3. Unblocks Content Unavailable in Your Region

You might sometimes want to check out a movie or a show that is unavailable in your region. In that case, a VPN can offer you an immediate solution. You can use it to simply get an IP address of a region where the content is available. And, that will unblock the content on your browser.

Disadvantages of Using VPN on iPhone

You must also consider the disadvantages of a VPN. Only then would you be able to determine whether it is worthwhile after all. So, here are some of the main disadvantages that you face while using a VPN app:

1. It Might Slow Down Your Internet

Did you notice your internet connection slowing down while you are using a VPN? Then, the problem might have something to do with your VPN use. After all, it is one of the common disadvantages of using a VPN. And, it is also among the most significant limitations of these apps.

2. Certain Websites can Restrict VPN Connections

While VPNs may not be illegal in your country, some websites are capable of restricting VPN connections. Many owners have already added this ability to their websites, and others might aim to do the same.

So, a VPN might fail to unblock some of the content you want to access. And, there is no other way to access the content in such cases. You can try using a more effective VPN to fix that issue.

3. It is not the Complete Solution

As we have seen, a VPN can protect your private data and your network. But, it cannot guarantee your safety from all types of cyber threats. In other words, you need to take other measures to protect your device.


Using a VPN on your iPhone is a decision that is best left up to you. But, it cannot be denied that using one can benefit you numerous ways. The aforementioned reasons to use VPNs have hopefully answered your question on why you need them.